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Trip Planner

Save a Personal Tucson To-Do List

Post-Its are great. So are scribbles on envelopes and that "things to see" list you started on your smartphone. But you know what's even smarter? Getting all that great Tucson vacation info in one place. Here's how it works:

Step 1
Look for the purple "Add to Itinerary" buttons that appear with info on restaurants, events, attractions even hotels. See something interesting? Click the "Add" button. Your Trip Planner mini-window will slide out from the right side of the screen. Note that the mini-window only shows the first two things you've added.
Step 2
When you're ready to plan your days, click the purple "My Trip Planner" strip at the right-side of the screen, then the yellow button: "Go To My Trip Planner Page." There, all your items appear at left. Just drag them to travel days in the right column. You can drag to multiple days, delete from days, etc. items stay in your master list.
Step 3
When you've planned out your days, you have lots of options! You can print your itinerary, email it, save it as a link, and more. But consider creating an account that allows you to return to your itinerary any time to add more or move things around, and you can log into it any time from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Login to access all of the features of the Trip Planner. More info
Once you have registered, you have more features available to customize your trip. You can create and store multiple trips, add new stops to any trip, and customize the number of days for each trip. All your trips will be stored and can be easily accessed at any time.