Tucson Spotlight
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Jul 26
The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists hosts a girls mountain bike-ride on the last Saturday of the month. Contact club in ad...more
Jul 26
A cool summer 5K run through the shady Green Valley Pecan Farm orchards, preparing runners for the Pecan Classic in November ...more
Jul 28
Watch Mother Nature's summer fireworks show at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Travel far away from the city lights to view a...more
Jul 30
Self-guided and guided tours, exhibits, and presentations about Southern Arizona birds and butterflies at annual conference i...more
Jul 31
The Tucson Botanical Gardens hosts an evening with fun family activities and entertainment focused around an 'Alien Invasion:...more

Outdoor Adventure

No matter what you love to do in the great outdoors, Tucson is the place to do it. With our famed mild climate and about 350 sunny days a year, our outdoors is always open.

Explore the Magic of Our Great Outdoors

Hiking >>
From pleasant urban walks to rugged canyon hikes we have countless spectacular trails for every level.

Biking/Cycling >>
On the trail or on the road, Tucson is a top biking destination.

Horseback Riding >>
You can saddle up at a guest ranch, resort, or public stable in Tucson.

Nature & Ecology >>
Experience the Real Southwest's awe-inspiring natural beauty. 

Rock Climbing >>
The five mountain ranges surrounding Tucson offer endless opportunities for climbers of every skill level.

Plants & Animals >>
Discover the incredible variety of plants and animals that have adapted to our unique ecosystem.

Outdoor Family Fun >>
Kid-friendly activities that are fun for grown-ups too.

Bird Watching >>
With over 250 species in our widely varied environments, Southern Arizona is a birder's paradise.

Astronomy >>
Tour some of the world's most-respected observatories and enjoy the same "good seeing" as the pros.

Caves >>
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Southern Arizona's underground.

Voluntourism >>
Would you like to give something back to Tucson or Southern Arizona during your next trip?



Desert Dreams Outdoor Adventures

Hike in Tucson

Historic Anza Trail

Coronado National Forest

Saguaro National Park

Rock Climbing at Mt. Lemmon

Perimeter Bicycling

Tucson Triathlon Club



"Tucson is a real cycling Mecca. You have good infrastructure for roads, good climbs, nice flats, you also have a lot of bike lanes which is helpful for any cyclist but even for us when you're rolling down the road with 23-24 guys…the interaction with the traffic and the local people has been wonderful" – Lance Armstrong, Team Radio Shack, December 2009. Source: KOLD