Tucson, AZ --The amazing depth and richness of offerings at the upcoming Agave Heritage Festival will appeal to a wide variety of consumers.  For those who have ever been interested in agave spirits as well as the most experienced, passionate agave aficionado, an appealing array of events will be offered throughout the four- day festival. In addition to the annual Mission Garden Pit Roasting, Agave Fiesta, MezCrawl, and Agave Dinner and other high-profile activities, many new events have been added and expanded to greatly increase awareness and relevance of the Agave in Sonoran culture. The commitment to the broader community will be on full display over the festival weekend.  


Todd Hanley, founder of the festival now in its 15th year loves the expression “Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien,tambien" translates into “For all evil, mezcal, and for all good, too”. “This year’s festival is for sure “para todo bien” with many opportunities to taste and to learn about the culture and craft of these incredible spirits.  “Our ongoing mission to increase agave awareness and education is reflected in an exciting series of Bar Pop Up Events, as well as numerous Guided Mezcal Tasting Events, happening at some of downtown Tucson’s premiere bars and restaurants throughout the festival”.


See attached for a listing of daily signature events. Complete details and pricing for all events will be posted on the website at www.agaveheritagefestival.com after March 15th.



Representing community and culture - the truest reflection of the festival. The lively Bar Pop-Up events will showcase mixologists/bar owners from Tucson and around the country including Dallas, Las Vegas, and Baltimore, and internationally from Costa Rica and Mexico.  Each experience will offer creative menus with delectable cocktails made to reflect each guest’s sense of place and our Sonoran region.  No cover charge for these events.


Clavel @ El Crisol - Thursday, April 27 - 9pm - 11pm.

Join El Crisol bar as they welcome one of the premier agave bars in the country, Clavel of Baltimore, MD, into their space for a night of creative cocktails built with care and intention. Incorporating regional Sonoran and Mexican flavors, Clavel will showcase their unique approach to agave spirits and service for one night only!


La Tizateria @ Tough Luck Club – Friday April 28 - 9pm -11pm

Andres Cruz of Mezcal Vago and Oscar Armenta of La Tizateria Bar in Oaxaca are hosting a one-night only takeover of the Tough Luck Club. Featuring cocktails inspired by the diverse flavors of Oaxaca and 2 to 3 mezcal flights. 


Cata Bar @ Nightjar - Saturday April 29 - 9p - 11pm

Liz Furlong of Cata Agave Bar and Curandero in Tamarindo, Costa Rica brings her fun, jungle-style cocktails or Nightjar for one night only. Incorporating traditional remedies (think corn chicha) and fresh tropical ingredients into her bar programs, Liz has also made a name for herself as an agave fanatic! Join her as she brings her agave passion and creativity to Nightjar!


Las Almas Rotas and Los Tlachuaches @ LaCo - Friday, April 28 – 6pm – 8pm

It's time for new boot goofin’ as Dallas agave bar Las Almas Rotas and Mexi- Indigenous bartender collective Los Tlachuaches descend on LaCo for a night of borderlands, honky-tonk and Mexican flavors! Las Almas Rotas will bring their love for all things agave to be paired with Los Tlachuaches’ focus on traditional Mexican folk ingredients to create an incredible, fun experience that could only take place en la frontera.



These tastings will  take place at a variety of bars and restaurants offering guests a very intimate and informative experience with industry experts, brand owners, and master distillers.  Each tasting is unique and guided by the passion and care that goes into the production of each mezcal. Tickets include multiple neat pours, traditional tasting accompaniments, and lite bites. 


Maynards Kitchen featuring Nocheluna Sotol & Montelobos Mezcal  - Friday, April 28, 5-6:30pm    

With founders Ricardo Pico and Ivan Saldana.  Three 1 oz pours each of Noche Luna Soto, Montelobos Espadin, and Montelobos Tobala.   $35 per guest with space limited to 30 guests.


Maynards Market featuring Mezcal de Leyenda  - Friday, April 28, 5-6:30pm

With National Brand Ambassador Issel Campos. $35 per guest with space limited to 30.


Century Room featuring Bahnez Mezcal Artesanal  -  Friday, April 28, 5-6:30pm

With national brand and trade advocacy Julie Anne Figueras. Three 1 oz pours each of Bahnez Cuishe, Bahnez Joven Espadin/Barril & Bahnez Tobala. $35 per guest with very limited seating.


Night Jar featuring Mezcal Vago - Friday, April 28, 5pm to 6:30pm

With Mexican Brand Ambassador Andres Cruz. $35 per guest with very limited seating


Tap and Bottle featuring Heavy Métl Spirits and Chacolo Azul Telcruz, Chacolo Brocha, Caballito Cerrero Chato Blanco 46, Rey Campero Mexicano/Madre Cuishe - Friday, April 28, 5-6:30pm and 7-8pm

With William Scanlan owner of Heavy Metl Imports and Miquel Partida owner of Chacolo on Friday, April 28 for an Agave Heritage Festival tasting event. $40 per person. Maximum of 12 guests at each seating.


The Citizen Hotel featuring La Luna Mezcal, Michoacan Mezcal craft and culture - Friday, April 28, 5-6:30pm

With La Luna owner Salvador Picaso Chaves. $25 per person. Maximum seating of 49


SideCar featuring Milagro Tequila - Friday, April 28, 5 -6:30pm

With Isaiah Bruno of Sidecar Bar. $35 per person. Maximum seating of 30


Westbound, Tucson featuring a blind tasting of four Mezcals - CUISH Penca Larga, CUISH Pichumetl, Lamata Tepemete & Lamata Ensamble Tamaulipas - Saturday, April 29, 1=2pm and 2:30-3:30pm

With Felix Monterrosa owner of CUISH mezcal and Luis Loya owner of Lamata, partnering with Abel Arraiga from Compa Spirits.Lite bites will be provided. $40 per person. Maximum of 12 at each seating. Ticket holders will receive 10% off all to-go bottles of Agave Spirits in the Hotel Congress bottle shop (4/29 only). 




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The mission of the Agave Heritage Festival, now in its 15th year, is to create an opportunity to all who are interested in continuing to explore and celebrate the cultural, sustainable, and commercial significance of the agave across borders. Founded in 2008, the festival has since become a city-wide, destination event that spotlights the southwest region through the lens of the agave plant. The Agave Heritage Festival celebrates the unique importance and sustainability of the agave plant and borderlands culture with seminars, tasting events and world-class culinary events. For the complete schedule of events and to purchase tickets, visit agaveheritagefestival.com. @agaveheritagefestival #agaveheritagefestival