Tucson, Arizona, Jan. 15, 2024-- Emmy Award-winning actor William H. Macy will be visiting select venues throughout the country for a special screening of the Academy Award-winning film Fargo. Macy, whose role in Fargo earned him a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor at the 1997 Oscars, will be hosting the film’s screening at The Rialto Theatre in Downtown Tucson on March 9, 2024.

Touring as a part of the IAG Speaker Series, host William H. Macy will kick off the evening screening of Fargo, reflecting on the darkly comedic crime drama and his role in the film. Fargo, written and directed by the Coen Brothers, was released in 1996 to worldwide acclaim. It has become one of the most celebrated films in the Coen Brothers’ film canon and is included on AFI’s list of Greatest American Films list. In the movie, Macy plays lead antagonist Jerry Lundegaard, the manipulative and scheming sales manager of Gustafson Motors.

The film Fargo will be presented on screen for the popcorn-munching audience during this seated show. Following the film screening, William H. Macy will take the stage for an audience Q&A session. Fargo and William H. Macy fans alike in the audience will have an opportunity to snag a VIP photo opportunity with a professional photographer as well. Special VIP tickets are limited to 100 audience members for pre-purchase through the Rialto Theatre’s website. “This is an absolute must-attend screening if you’re a fan of Fargo and William H. Macy,” said Rialto person and their title.

"There is an undeniable energy during speaker series events where the entertainer is there to share unique insights with a live audience," Rialto person continued. "William H. Macy is already a household name as an actor, so to hear him speak in an intimate setting about one of his most prolific performances in one of most iconic films of all time is truly a special event."

About William H. Macy
William H. Macy is an Oscar and Golden Globe nominee, an Emmy and SAG Award winning actor, and a writer in theater, film, and television. Most recently he was in the independent feature film MAYBE I DO, the Hulu mini-series THE DROPOUT, and starred in the Showtime series SHAMELESS, for which he was nominated twice for a Best Actor Emmy Award and has won twice for the SAG Award. Macy's film credits include SEABISCUIT, THE COOLER, MAGNOLIA, BOOGIE NIGHTS, JURASSIC PARK III, FARGO, TNT'S DOOR TO DOOR, WILD HOGS, and ROOM. William H. Macy made his feature directorial debut with RUDDERLESS, the closing film at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. THE LAYOVER, his second film, was released in 2017 followed by his third film, KRYSTAL, in April of 2018. In addition, Macy is a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company.

About The Rialto Theatre
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