Tucson, AZ— “Call us Pollyannas, but at Hotel Congress we consider the dog days of summer a particularly great time to stick around the Old Pueblo. Not only do the glorious monsoons make their annual arrival, but so does the breadth of entertainment we provide become more adventurous” said Hotel Congress Entertainment Director David Slutes.  To wit - the 4th of July ExtravaGanja Comedy Show, Los Angeles’s hilariously entertaining Outlaw Mariachi and heavy Metal madness from The Dirt, will grace the stages in July, to name just a few. Water features (did someone say above ground pool?), wild drink and food specials from the Cup and Food truck, will keep things lively throughout the Month. For tickets and to view the entire entertainment calendar visit hotelcongress.com


Summer Shindigs are the ideal way to enjoy many of the summer shows at Hotel Congress. These curated experiences start at $159 and include a one-night stay at the hotel, 2 two tickets to any one of the hotel’s summer parties, plus a coupon for two to-go breakfasts from Maynards Market.  Parties include Club Pride, 80’s Hair Metal Madness, Surfapalooza, Juneteenth, Summer Swing and more. For reservations and additional information visit www.hotelcongress.com or please call (520)-622-8848.





July 4, 6pm - Lady Ha Ha 4th of July ExtravaGanja Comedy Show (Marijuana-themed) at Club Congress

Featuring headliners: David Fitzsimmons & Jade Esteban Estrada,Hosts: Priscilla Fernandez & Mo Urban Comedians: Jesus Otamendi, Autumn Horvat, Steven Black, Morgan Kuehn and Jade Esteban Estrada.


July 6, 7pm - Juan Waters at Club Congress

Critically acclaimed, Uruguayan born, Queens NY raised Indie rocker.


July 14, 7pm – Heartless Bastards at Hotel Congress Plaza

Alternative/Indie band with a warm patchwork of rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelia, folk, alternative and blues, Led by iconic frontwoman and songwriter Erika Wennerstrom.


July 14, 8pm – Outlaw Mariachi at Club Congress

LA’s premiere rock mariachi band, they blend traditional mariachi sounds with the high-powered energy of American and Latin rock.


July 16,7pm – Los Esplifs at Club Congress

Rising collective of the best musicians in funk, punk, reggae, cumbia, jazz and more, Los Esplifs is an all-star lineup from the AZ music scene.


July 19, 7pm – James McMurtry at the Hotel Congress Plaza

Extraordinarily popular performer, and son of one of America’s most celebrated novelists, James follows in his family’s storyteller traditions by relating tales in verse and music. James performs with his full band.


July 22, 6pm Retro Game Show at Club Congress

Retro Game Show Night presents hilarious warped versions of television game shows every month at the Club Congress. Always a packed house.


July 28, 8pm - Hair Metal Madness Party featuring The Dirt at Club Congress

From the Sunset Strip – a group of sleazy dirtbags in leather, makeup and long hair who play the biggest 80’s hits with contagious energy from artists like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Skid Row and more. A night to relive those halcyon days of 80’s hair metal. Dress to impress.


About The Historic Hotel Congress:

The family-owned Hotel Congress is located at 311 E. Congress  in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Besides being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the property functions as an urban resort complex offering an immersive, artistic experience to all its guests. It features a 39-room boutique hotel, the Tap Room bar, two outstanding dining options in the Cup Café and Maynards, as well as world class entertainment at The Century Room Jazz Club, Club Congress, and the Plaza Stage.


Built in 1919, Hotel Congress is a cultural landmark that anchors downtown Tucson. Tastefully renovated with an eye for detail, every facet of the hotel has a story to tell. Its unique Southwest deco-inspired theme feels as vibrant and relevant today as it did throughout its illustrious history making it one of Arizona’s top destinations. For more information, please visit  https://hotelcongress.com/   or call 520-622-8848.