Tucson, Arizona -- Beginning April 24th and ending May 26th, Climbing in Color launches its annual climbing challenge fundraiser, called Higher Ground. Higher Ground is a climb-a-thon fundraiser in
which anyone, anywhere can create a profile with a climbing and fundraising goal through Give Lively, an online fundraising platform for nonprofits. Climbing in Color announces its goal of raising $8,000, which will help subsidize indoor and outdoor climbing for People of Color (POC), fund scholarships for POC climbers, and continue supporting Climbing in Color’s community events.

President Angela Soliz says, “Our annual fundraiser helps us increase access to climbing by allowing us to provide climbing scholarships, gym passes and outdoor climbing opportunities for climbers of color and allies. Anyone around the world can join, and you get to work towards your climbing goal with a community of support. And if you don’t climb but want to support, you can sponsor a fundraiser. It's a lot of fun and so much good comes out of this fundraiser every year.”

Participants can easily create a profile by clicking on the link to Give Lively and selecting “I Want to Fundraise for This.” This is a fun opportunity for fundraisers to set a challenge for themselves for the
next month. “You can set whatever climbing goal makes sense for you! Could be a number of lead climbs outdoors or climbing all the V2s in the gym without using your left foot. Be as creative as you
want!” said Secretary Judah Mendez. If you don’t climb but still want to make a contribution, you can sponsor any fundraisers by going to Higher Ground’s Give Lively page and clicking on a fundraiser’s profile to donate.

Climbing in Color offers many prizes and raffle items for participants. Prizes range from a rope and gift cards to resole coupons, backpacks, gift baskets and more. When Higher Ground ends on May
26th, the top 3 fundraisers will get to select any prize they want. For all participants, every $50 raised will result in one raffle prize entry. The amount raised is rounded down to the nearest $50 increment, for example, $170 raised=3 entries, or $510 raised=10 entries.

Climbing in Color is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in Tucson, Arizona with a national following. Our mission is to elevate the voices of climbers of color, build a community of camaraderie and support, and introduce more POC to climbing.

Climbing in Color (CIC)
Tucson, AZ, USA