Tucson, Arizona, 1/6/2024 -- Funhouse movement theater returns to Yume Gardens on March 2, 2024 with Dreams in Clay to take you on a butoh exploration of eternal body as landscape.

A contemporary, avant-garde performance art, butoh is a seamless blend of dance, theater, improvisation, and traditional Japanese performing arts. Butoh compels both performers and audience to investigate the primal, universal energies that connect us, and invites us to share an embodied experience of the collective unconscious.

Dreams in Clay is directed by Lin Lucas and Keita Tsutsumi and features Sabrina Geoffrion, Karenne Koo, Lin Lucas, Sherry Mulholland, and Keita Tsutsumi, with renowned butoh artist, Julie Becton Gillum.

Inspired by the writings of Shundo Aoyama and John O’donohue, Dreams in Clay combines the Zen aesthetics of the Japanese garden with the sculptural works of artist Keita Tsutsumi. Visitors to this unique performance will encounter dancers engaged in communion with the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural environment.
Date & Time:
6 PM - 7 PM  &  7:15PM - 8:15 PM
General Admission: $30
Members: $25
Children 3-15: $10
Advanced ticket reservation is required. This is a limited admission event.