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Tucson, AZ (October 23, 2023) - Living Streets Alliance welcomes people of all ages and abilities to its 20th Cyclovia Tucson event this Sunday, October 29th from 9 AM to 3 PM. A 3.5 mile route from Downtown to the Amphi Neighborhood will be closed to cars and open to people. Whether this is your first time or you’ve been to all twenty events, here are five helpful things to know before you go:
1. Cyclovia is free and for everyone!
Cyclovia has no entrance fee and no experience or ability required. Engaging with the route—which features hundreds of activities, games, bike repair, helmets, medical services, community resources and more—is a totally free way to meet more of your Tucson community. Cyclovia is all about reclaiming our city streets for people to enjoy. It is not a race with a start or finish; think of it as a huge block party or linear park where you can walk, skate, bike, play, dance, or pass time with friends. During Cyclovia, the streets are yours!
2. Plan your trip
Streets on the Cyclovia route, including parts of 6th Avenue, 4th Avenue and Fontana Avenue, will be temporarily closed to car traffic and activated from 9 AM – 3 PM during the event. Familiarize yourself with closed streets and vehicle crossings via the map on the Cyclovia website:  
Easiest access to Cyclovia is by bike, on foot, and using transit. Make your day totally car-free by finding your nearest bus stops or bike paths and planning your trip with the ‘Getting There’ map at
3. Enjoy hundreds of activities, performances and food trucks  
The car-free route features five activity hubs where you can take a break to enjoy local DJs, live performances, food trucks and games, and access essential resources and tons of giveaways provided by diverse activity hosts and community partners. Be sure to stop at these hot spots located at: 6th & 6th Downtown; the Historic Y Building on University Boulevard; Mansfield Park; the Keeling Neighborhood; and at Literacy Connects in the Amphi Neighborhood. Browse the interactive route map beforehand (or live on your phone!) for an overview of attractions at each Hub, as well as locations of Info Booths and route amenities:
4. Prepare for a day of fun!
Here are a few tips to ensure you have the best day possible at Cyclovia. Bring a water bottle and sun protection. If you plan to bike, do a quick check of your brakes and tires before leaving, and don’t forget to bring a lock so you can easily visit the hubs! You can stop at any of the four Info Booths along the route for things like route information, water, first aid support, free youth bike helmets, navigation tips, and more. Don’t forget to make a donation in support of Cyclovia while you’re there!  
5. Play Cinco for Cyclovia ‘bingo’ for a chance to win prizes
Cinco for Cyclovia is our bingo-style treasure hunt. Playing allows you to experience everything the route has to offer, while earning a chance to win prizes! It’s easy:  

  • Grab a free game card at the Living Streets Alliance (LSA) Hospitality Tent or any Info Booth. 
  • Collect a sticker from each Cinco for Cyclovia Featured Activity Partner when you complete their mini challenge.  
  • Get a five-in-a-row or go for a game card blackout with all 25 activities for a special recognition. Then, drop off your completed card at any Info Booth or the LSA Hospitality Tent.  

Cyclovia Tucson is a program of Living Streets Alliance, presented by Arizona Complete Health. This event was made possible with generous support from the Ward 3 Office of Councilmember Kevin Dahl, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality Clean Air Program, AARP Arizona, Cigna, TMC Health, Tucson Water, Rio Nuevo, Mister Car Wash and Arizona Commission on the Arts. Huge thanks to KXCI, Pueblo Vida Brewing Company, and Dragoon Brewing Company, along with dozens of other amazing partners, for activating and supporting this route. Visit for more details.  
Living Streets Alliance is a nonprofit organization that advocates for a thriving Tucson by creating great streets for all of us. Living Streets Alliance is improving access to active modes of transportation in the Tucson region through outreach, education, advocacy and research. Learn more at