Tucson, Arizona – Monday, January 30, 2023 – Several dino skeletons from the films, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” and “Wonderstruck;” one of the world’s largest quartz crystal spheres; magnificent mounted Ice Age specimens; natural limestone murals with Eocene fossil fishes and palm fronds - and much more - are on display, free to the public, at GeoDecor, for two weeks only.


The three dino skeletons of Hollywood fame are composed of research-quality elements which have been individually cast from original bone, then mounted. The “Jurassic World” specimens appeared in the museum scenes of “Fallen Kingdom.” The "Wonderstruck" specimen appears in the movie poster as well as in the film. Additionally, thirteen fully mounted dinosaur skeletons comprising The Doom Collection, are on display, along with thirteen additional mounted dino specimens of this type. Mounted cast specimens such as these are exhibited in museum collections around the world. There are 29 on display at GeoDecor.


A Thescelosaurus dinosaur skeleton in GeoDecor's gallery


An authentic 7-foot Allosaurus dinosaur leg from the Jurassic Period; a 9-foot-long, fully mounted Thescelosaurus skeleton (image above); a massive mounted sauropod leg from one of the largest land animals to exist on Earth; and a fascinating selection of mounted dino bones from Wyoming which make impressive interior design focal points in home or office...These only a few of the impressive dinosaur specimens offered by GeoDecor.


Coveted for use in interior design, a variety of murals with 51-million-year-old fossils in natural limestone matrix will be on offer, including a 10-foot fossilized palm (image below), fossil fish murals (image above), and an impressive 4-foot Eocene turtle. The beautifully textured natural limestone matrices in which these treasures were discovered are reminiscent of ancient architectural elements. Each is framed and cleated for display on any wall of conventional construction.


Mammoth tusks, a fossil palm mural, minerals, and mounted dinos at GeoDecor


Numerous authentic specimens from the Ice Age include a rare, 12-foot-long matched pair of blue mammoth tusks (image above), an uncommon 9-foot-long woolly mammoth tusk from Alaska with a striped appearance, and a massive woolly mammoth tusk exhibiting pathological features of scientific interest.


Additional Ice Age fossils include a fascinating woolly rhinoceros skeleton, fully mounted in an aggressive charging position; two fossil walrus skulls from Alaska; a huge moose skeleton mounted in a lifelike pose; and a giant beaver skull from Florida (image above).


A spectacular a 3,760-pound quartz crystal sphere natural quartz sphere highlights the selection of mineral specimens.


GeoDecor's 4,000-square-foot gallery - widely known for its large and varied fossil exhibition at the annual Tucson Show - displays exceptional fossils, minerals, meteorites, and natural history items for interior designers, museums, collectors, and homeowners. 


GeoDecor is open to the public only during the gem show. There is no admission charge.


Free public viewing of GeoDecor’s fossil treasures will be presented at GeoDecor’s 4,000-square-foot gallery at the Mineral and Fossil Co-op, 1635 North Oracle Road, Saturday, January 28 through Sunday, February 12. Open daily 10am - 6pm.



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