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Tucson, AZ---Tucson’s ever-growing status as a world culinary destination attracts foodies from all over the world.  For locals, who have ready access to a wide array of cuisines, beverage producers, top-notch chefs, the exciting new Tucson Foodie Insiders membership club greatly enhances that access.  Tucson Foodie CEO Shane Reiser is pleased to launch this initiative. “We believe that the Tucson Foodie Insiders group will be the biggest community of food lovers in the Southwest. Members are invited to private chef-led dinners, unique local foodie experiences, monthly member receptions at a variety of local restaurants and receive discounts/perks for culinary events and community festivals”.  Tucson Foodie Insiders membership is $20/month per person and is available at


Chef-Led Dinners


Tucson Foodie Insiders are invited to experience new and unique tasting menus and lively dialogue with chef/owners.   Upcoming featured restaurants include Fresco w/ Chef Mat Cable, Zio Peppe w/ Chef Devon Sanner, Charro Steak w/ Chef Gary Hickey, Ciao Down Pizza Studio w/ Chef Paul Reyes and Mt. Oyster Club w/Chef Obie Hindman.


Member Mixers & Experiences

Insider experiences at a variety of venues where members connect over food and drink for unique classes and tours and out of the box memorable culinary adventures.

Priority Admission to Festivals and Special Events

From early-access invitations, discounts and perks to a wide range of food and food-adjacent events around Tucson all year long, Tucson Foodie Insiders have special access to events like: GUT dinners, SAVOR, Agave Heritage Festival, Salsa, Tequila and Taco Challenge, The Pizza Throwdown, Tucson International Mariachi Conference – The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food, TCOG Tucson Cocktail Challenge, Tucson Film Fest, Tucson Craft Beer Crawl and much more.

About Tucson Foodie

Tucson Foodie is a community-backed media and events organization dedicated to helping locals and visitors discover, support and experience Tucson, Arizona's deep-rooted and fast-growing culinary scene.  Through curated guides, breaking news, long-form storytelling, membership clubs, events, festivals and experiences, their mission is to: Highlight the diverse food and beverage offerings in Tucson and Southern AZ, to encourage exploration and enhance the dining experiences of individuals within the community, to bring people together over a shared love of food, to support locally owned restaurants and artisans, to foster collaboration and partnership within the food and beverage industry and to continue to promote Tucson as a culinary travel destination. For additional information visit