Tucson, Arizona – February 28, 2023 –Sean Kenney's Nature POP! Made with LEGO Bricks has made its southern Arizona premiere at Tucson Botanical Garden through May 14, 2023. This new exhibition from acclaimed artist Sean Kenney features over 40 sculptures made from more than 800,000 LEGO pieces and explores the beauty of nature through highly stylized, colorful displays that stand in striking contrast with their surroundings.


Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Nature POP! blends art, science, and innovation in the display of the New York-based artist’s newest, never-before-seen sculptures. Known for his ability to make striking works of art using simple LEGO toys, Kenney pushes the boundaries of the medium in this new exhibition through his use of vibrant colors and a bold, graphical style. Inspired by the Pop art movement, Kenney’s work on Nature POP! plays on that movement’s principles by blurring the boundaries between austere and the everyday and draws from a belief that everything is interconnected.


Nature POP! invites guests to consider how just as LEGO bricks are interconnected, so is everything in nature. The intricate displays explore the relationships that exist in nature, whether that be the delicate balance between predators and prey, the commonalities between species as they care for their young, or the impact that humankind has on the natural world. Supporting content enhances the experience with scientific facts about the creatures presented in the displays.


The exhibit includes very LARGE bright colorful animals, insects and flowers! A Lion, Bunnies, Polar Bear and Cub, Buck, Doe and Faun, plus many other common and exotic species in fascinating displays throughout the Gardens.


Most importantly, the exhibition allows visitors to appreciate both nature and the sculptures as something beautiful, and to inspire them to go home and create something wonderful themselves. Presenting a playful spin on traditional sculptural art, Nature POP! is an accessible experience for all ages.


Tom Zaller, CEO of Imagine Exhibitions shared, “Imagine Exhibitions is proud to partner with Sean Kenney to bring the creative vision of Nature POP! to Tucson Botanical Garden. Sean’s work is not only awe-inspiring in its artistic qualities, but it’s also an incredible demonstration of the ways that human innovation and engineering can be used to solve problems and build something amazing.”


According to Michelle Conklin, Executive Director at Tucson Botanical Garden, “We are very excited to welcome Sean Kenney back to the Garden to debut his new exhibition in Tucson” said Michelle Conklin, Executive Director of Tucson Botanical Gardens.  “Nature POP!” is the perfect way to launch the new year”


Admire the colorful creations on display at Sean Kenney's Nature POP! Made with LEGO ® Bricks, open daily to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for a limited engagement through May 14, 2023. Tickets are available to purchase at tucsonbotanical.org or by calling 520-326-9686. 

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