Tucson, AZ---After a two-week summer break, Penca Restaurante reopens today.   The menu features several new light, bright and tasty dishes like the Fresh Vegetable Board and the new Vegan Relleno dish, as well as Tacos de Hongas (mushroom), Fish in Mole Verde, a special trio of Empanadas and the very popular Carnitas are back.   

Several new fun cocktails created by talented beverage manager Bryan Eichorst make their debut as well including the Dia de San Juan made with Hoya de Nopal Liquer and Charanda served in a clay mug, and the Cuarenta Casas made with sotol, lemon juice and honey creosote tincture.

Penca is located at 50 East Broadway in downtown Tucson and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4:30pm to 9:30pm. Featuring traditional and modern Central Mexican cuisine and a wide array of Mesoamerican distillates and fermentables. Rooted in the history and culture of Tucson, Penca is a certified Tucson City of Gastronomy restaurant. For additional information visit www.pencarestaurante.com.

Penca is part of a group of culinary concepts owned by Patricia Schwabe that also includes Owls Club, Pearly Baker Fermentables and Tooleys.  Two new concepts  - Shirtshop Cafe and Bluefront -will open in 2022.