In 2022, The Loft Cinema celebrates 50 years as the premier arthouse in Southern Arizona!  The theatre first fired up its projectors and opened its doors as an arthouse at its original University of Arizona campus location, 504 N. Fremont Ave., in 1972.   Amidst the explosive growth of art cinemas in the early 1970s, The Loft began its mission of bringing world-class international, independent, classic and cult films to audiences in Tucson and Southern Arizona.    New art films from Bergman, Fellini and Kurosawa shared the screen with acclaimed Hollywood fare and subversive midnight movies (later to include the ultimate cult flick, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), to create a heady cinematic brew featuring something for everyone with adventurous tastes. 


Over the ensuing five decades, through changes of ownership, technology and location, The Loft Cinema has endured and thrived as a place where movie lovers can make exciting new discoveries, revisit old favorites, and enjoy a uniquely “Lofty” theatrical experience.  


To commemorate its Golden Anniversary, The Loft Cinema will present special 50th Anniversary-themed programming, parties and surprises throughout 2022, starting in January with The Films of 1972, a year-long series of monthly screenings showcasing memorable films, from international arthouse hits to Hollywood blockbusters, released the year of The Loft’s birth. The schedule is as follows, with all films being screened on Thursday nights at 7:30pm:


January 27:  The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Dir. by Luis Buñuel)

February 24: Cabaret (Dir. by Bob Fosse)

March 31: Solaris (Dir. by Andrei Tarkovsky)

April 28: Sounder (Dir. by Martin Ritt)

May 26: The Seduction of Mimi (Dir. by Lina Wertmüller)

June 30: What’s Up, Doc? (Dir. by Peter Bogdanovich)

July 29: Aguirre: The Wrath of God ( Werner Herzog)

August 26: The Harder They Come (Dir. by Perry Henzell)

September 29: Le Samouraï  (Dir. by Jean-Pierre Melville)

October 27: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (Dir. by Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

December 1: Cries and Whispers (Dir. by Ingmar Bergman)

December 29: Fellini’s Roma (Dir. by Federico Fellini)


More iconic 1972 films, including Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather and John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, will be added to the line-up as they become available. For more information on The Films of 1972, visit: