The Ultimate Way to Explore Tucson’s Culinary Scene


TUCSON, AZ – Tucson Foodie, the ultimate guide to Tucson’s vibrant food scene, is pleased to announce an exciting new offer – the Tucson Foodie Passport!  For $299, Passport holders get over $3,000 in vouchers to over 60 of Tucson’s top locally-owned restaurants. That’s a 90%+ savings rate. New restaurants are added to the program each month for even greater savings. Exploring the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the US has never been so easy!


Tucson Foodie Owner Shane Reiser is thrilled with how well the Passport has been received, “Our new Passport is the embodiment of Tucson Foodie's commitment to help locals and visitors alike explore the depth and breadth of Tucson's burgeoning culinary scene and encourage local dining. Over 1,000 vouchers worth over $30,000 have already been redeemed by passport holders.


As of July 20th, Tucson Foodie reported that 190 of the available 500 passports have been sold and they expect to sell out quickly.


The Tucson Foodie Passport can be purchased online at Once purchased, Passport holders access their vouchers through the Tucson Foodie mobile app, making the vouchers always ready to use and easy to redeem. (Members of Tucson Foodie's Insider club also use the same app to access exclusive invitations and discounts to unique foodie events around town. Become an Insider at For additional details about the Tucson Foodie Passport, email





Ben Whitely, Tucson Foodie Passport holder: “It stokes our sense of adventure, and it’s been really cool getting to…meet different people who are involved in the Tucson Food scene.”


Sean Denlinger, Tucson Foodie Passport holder + Co-owner of Donut Bar “To now have another incentive for us to free up a few extra bucks, for us to invest back into the community, it does come full circle, and that was one of the bigger selling points for us.” 


Jessie Mance, Co-owner of Tucson Hop Shop: “These are people that are discerning Foodies, that have good taste, that value craft, and that value locally made products. We’re keeping the dollars in the community, we’re keeping the dollars in the hands of small business owners, and I think the [Tucson Foodie Passport] really does help that blossom.”



About Tucson Foodie:

Tucson Foodie is a locally owned media and events organization devoted to uniting locals and visitors through Tucson's distinctive and evolving culinary scene. Powered by a team of food enthusiasts, Tucson Foodie delivers curated content and memorable experiences that connect people to the city's dynamic ecosystem, acting as the premier resource for those seeking to explore and contribute to Tucson's vibrant food culture.