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Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness West

Graham County

Bureau of Land Management
Safford, AZ N/A
United States

Phone: (928) 348-4400


The Aravaipa is a colorful and dramatic aviary ~ more than 200 species of birds have been spotted here. It's also hunting ground for mountain lions, coyotes, black bears, and bobcats and a playground for deer, desert bighorn sheep, and peccaries. Several species of fish, toads, and frogs inhabit the creek. Nearly 100 different species of reptiles (including rattlesnakes) and mammals make their home here. Bring patience and a pair of binoculars and you'll be busy for hours. Be sure to get hold of the brochure "Vertebrates of Aravaipa Canyon: A Checklist" from the BLM before you set out. It's a handy backcountry trivia game that tests not only the sharpness of your vision but also your knowledge of native wildlife.

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