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Churrasco de Brasil

Northside District

150 W. Wetmore Road
Tucson, AZ 85705
United States

Phone: (520) 293-7991



The founders/owners of Churrasco de Brasil are grandsons of Italian immigrants and sons of Gauchos, born and raised in Southern Brazil. In the Gaucho culture, family and friends gather together each weekend to celebrate the good things that happened that week: a birthday, a wedding, a good harvest, a newborn family member, or just the joys of life and friendship.

At all of these festivities, meat is served- and a lot of it! All the meats are cooked in the traditional Churrasco style: big pieces of meat are skewered and slow-roasted over an open fire. Growing up, all of this was done by our parents. Being the main Churrasqueiros, they always took these opportunities to teach us how to grill and keep the tradition alive. This tradition not only consists of how to prepare the food, but also how to share it with others. The meat, we remember, was always sliced onto everyone’s plate, and sometimes for us kids over a thick slice of homemade Italian bread.

At Churrasco de Brasil, we will do our best to keep this tradition alive in Tucson.


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