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Kuumba Made Inc.

Westside District

2045 North Forbes Blvd. #103
Tucson, AZ 85745
United States

Phone: (520) 881-5550


Toll-Free: (800) 588-6220

Fax: (520) 881-5551


In Swahili, kuumba means a special type of creativity -“To make things more beautiful to benefit the community.” For more than 35 years, this has been the mission of Kuumba Made, a globally-conscious company that draws on herbalism and ancient wisdom to create exquisite oils, healing salves and body care products infused with the finest botanical ingredients. Kuumba Made products can be found in more than 1,800 stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, independent gift shops, hospitals, spas and boutiques.

The company was born out of love for the natural world. The flowers and herbs we use are either grown in our own organic garden, harvested at certified organic farms, or ethically wild harvested. Our in-house herbalist chooses only the highest quality and most effective plant extracts, exotic resins, and essential oils from around the world. Every product we create is carefully considered from a wellness perspective and thoughtfully sourced.

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