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University of Arizona Campus Arboretum

University of Arizona District

University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210036
Tucson, AZ 85721
United States

Phone: 520-621-7074


Fax: 520-621-7186


The University of Arizona main campus houses a truly unique collection of plants from arid and semi-arid climates around the world. These trees represent the University's historical dedication to sustainable desert horticulture and tell the story of the cultural evolution of the modern southwest. In the beginning, olive trees and date palms were trialed as potential cash crops and cacti were collected to encourage appreciation and learning about the native desert. By mid-century, growing urbanization and heightened awareness of natural resources, encouraged faculty like Dr. Warren Jones to shift the focus to improving landscape ornamentals. The University of Arizona campus is now the home of hundreds of native and arid-adapted trees and shrub species from every continent on earth. Many campus trees are the largest specimens in Arizona and have been designated as Great Trees of Arizona. Five of these Great Trees have been on the National Register of Big Trees. The Heritage Trees are stately reflections of the University's rich history. Several trees are unique to the Southwest; a few were the first of their kind to be planted in the Western Hemisphere.


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