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Zinnia Sky Studio

Pima County

5800 W. Arizona Pavilions # 1184
Cortaro, AZ 85256
United States

Phone: (217) 971-8479



Before I created Zinnia Sky Studio, life went on as normal with people opening their mailboxes to all the usual things – bills, sales flyers, public notices, junk mail and worst of all – nothing! Then one day, I needed a southwest themed birthday card for a friend who lived in the desert. I couldn’t find any – not even in the desert. And I thought to myself – how can that even be? I realized if I couldn’t find one, neither could anyone else. And people still had birthdays in the desert – or the desert still lived in their heart. So I set out to fix it! At first I was concerned that the reason there were no desert-y birthday cards was because I was the only one who needed one. But then I decided that couldn’t be possible. So I set out to create the most delightful, amusing Southwest greeting cards for the most amazing besties in the Southwest.

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