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Glow! Intergalactic

Phone: +1 (520) 623-6732

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Time: From: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Come venture into another world under the moon and stars for a night of illumination and imagination set in the lush, high desert. Experience GLOWing artwork and multi-media installations, theatrical performances, and live music along 6 acres of lighted trails. Glow is a multimedia art event coinciding with the full moon, presented at The Triangle L Ranch, in Oracle AZ, 35 miles north of Tucson. Glow celebrates the work of dozens of visual and performance artists. Illuminated sculptures, light projections and installations, and live entertainment, including fire dancing, make up this surreal, abstract nighttime experience.  GLOW! Dates for 2019 are September 14, September 21, October 5, and October 12.
Sep 21 - Intergalactic Heavenly Bodies, Space Beings or UFOs (unidentified  fun or flying object).  Dress up in the night's Intergalactic theme or attend in GLOWing attire.  Carry a flashlight or glow stick during this all-ages event.