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Heavy Metal Christmas Meets Kitschy Kitchen Memories - It's a Mash-Up!

Phone: (520) 777-7275

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Venue: Midtown Mercantile Merchants

Recurring daily

Admission: Free


Never before done! Metallic Christmas silvers and golds, shiny & bright, runs right into Kitschy Kitchen Memories--It's a Mash-Up Folks! Holiday Décor is OVER THE TOP this year and Midtown Mercantile Merchants are reaching for the stars! (In silver, gold and other metallics, of course!) Visit for the sight alone of 100+ merchants sending Christmas "To the Moon, Alice!" And, for Holiday entertaining, what says "Welcome" more than a little Kitsch in the Kitchen to get the memories flowing?! Memories of sitting around the kitchen table, talking, laughing and, a few tears, too...Bring it all back with the vintage touches that remembers the past and welcomes family and friends to your home! #KitschyKitchen #HolidayGold #SilverBells #MidtownMercantile #VintageChristmas