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Primavera Cooks! at Agustin Kitchen

Phone: 520-308-3104

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Venue: Agustín Kitchen

Time: Reception and check-in 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM; Dinner seated 6:30 PM

Admission: For pricing details, see website. All reservations are made with Primavera directly and not with the host restaurants.


Agustin Kitchen hosts a wonderful culinary experience as part of the Primavera Cooks! Summer Dining series, which includes four- or five-course, wine-paired, gourmet dinners created by some of Tucson’s top chefs, with help from apprentice chefs and sommeliers, and served at select local Tucson restaurants. Unless otherwise noted, all dinners begin with a reception and check-in at 6-6:30 with dinner seated at 6:30pm. All reservations are made through Primavera, NOT the host restaurant. For reservations, call David at 308-3104.