Tucson Film Festivals

Attention moviegoers: please silence your cell phones and refrain from texting. You have heard all the latest buzz about this festival favorite. The popcorn is perfectly buttered as you sink back into your seat. You are about to experience a cinematic delight that only Tucson can offer at one of the city's internationally renowned film festivals! With a rich history of filmmaking and an iconic movie studio on the edge of town, Tucson keeps the cine-magic alive with a wide array of film festivals throughout the calendar year.

Films from Every Corner of the World

You don't have to travel far and wide to get a global cinema experience in Tucson! Since 1992, the Arizona International Film Festival has brought the best independent films to unique screening locations across the city. With a catalog of 3,000 films from over 100 countries screened, Southern Arizona patrons are guaranteed a great time at the movies year after year.  

Operating as a non-profit art house theater for over 50 years, The Loft Cinema doubles down on its love of eclectic flicks at the Loft Film Festival. This annual event unites diverse films and guests to delight even the most discerning cinephiles. Have some movie-loving youngsters? The Loft also hosts a free Kids Movie Fest during the summer—free popcorn included!

Cultural Connections Through Cinema

The art of film is about establishing human connections through a shared visual medium. Tucson has some of the Southwest's best festivals that exemplify this spirit. One of the nation's most established Jewish film festivals, the Tucson International Jewish Film Festival is a community favorite in the local arts and entertainment scene. 

The monthly film series Cinema Tucsón brings ground-breaking contemporary Mexican cinema to the United States. Committed to including films from women and indigenous people, Cinema Tucsón fosters dialogue by putting directors, producers, editors, actors, and cinematographers at the forefront.

Getting Wild on the Silver Screen

Not to be outdone by international contenders, Film Fest Tucson highlights the passion of local emerging talent and established artists for a homegrown movie experience. 

But maybe you care to venture even further off the traditional festival path? The silver screen fills up with screams at Arizona's only horror-film festival, Terrorfest Arizona. A mix of bone-chilling features and hair-raising shorts will keep you shrieking for more! 

Reveling in defiant visions of filmmaking, the Arizona Underground Film Festival showcases the “other side of cinema” at one of the most infamous genre-cult film festivals in the country. You’ve been warned!

Whichever movie you attend, Tucson's local and international film festivals will have your eyes glued to the screen and cheering for an encore presentation! Just make sure you bring enough snacks.

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