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Tourism Pays

See how tourism supports our state and local economy

Tourism is without a doubt one of the most important industries in our region. It provides thousands of local residents with jobs and provides much-needed tax revenue to our city, county and state government.

Visit Tucson's revenue is directly tied to the number of travelers that come to the region and stay in hotels, but our mission to bring visitors to Tucson impacts the local economy in more ways than you might think. Servers at restaurants, the staff at local attractions, taxi drivers, shop clerks, even local artists, and musicians all directly benefit from tourism dollars flowing into our community.

Even for those who don't work at a business that receives direct income from tourism, there are many unseen benefits provided by tourism-related tax revenue. The taxes paid by people who come to vacation in Tucson and Pima County offset our own state and local taxes and also help to pay for public safety initiatives, new infrastructure and more.

Consistent funding for tourism promotion from local and state governments helps to ensure that our economy stays strong and our local community is able to thrive.


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Tourism generated nearly $2 billion of tax revenue for Pima County and the state of Arizona in 2016

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