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Tourism Master Plan

Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan

Visit Tucson is leading a project to help identify ways to protect, improve, and enhance the region’s long-term quality of life and economic prosperity. The Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan will provide a regional map for growing the number of overnight visitors, length of stays and tourism expenditures while identifying new and enhanced products and services needed to increase these metrics.

In August 2018 we engaged Resonance Consultancy, a leader in place branding and advisor to cities around the world, to assist with this project. The research phase of the project involved engaging residents, elected officials and stakeholders to develop a strategy that fosters economic growth and makes metro Tucson a better place to visit, live, work and play.

As we move through the planning process in 2018-19, this webpage will be updated with meeting notices, news, surveys, and a draft plan.

Phase 1: Workshops - Completed

In the first phase of the process, Visit Tucson and Resonance hosted a series of workshops soliciting feedback from stakeholders in and around the tourism industry, with 60 people participating, to create focal points and a strategy for the project as a whole.

Phase 2: Surveys - Completed

The next phase of the project gathered data about the visitor experience and the quality of life for Tucsonans. Visit Tucson reached out to previous visitors to our area with an online survey, developed by Resonance, gathering their opinions about their time here. Visitors, residents, meeting planners, and other stakeholders were invited to complete this survey about their experiences in metro Tucson. Nearly 1,900 visitor surveys were completed. Visit Tucson also distributed an online community survey to identify and gauge residents perceptions on a variety of key characteristics with respect to livability, culture, economy and sense of place. Nearly 3,500 community surveys were completed.

The data provided in both surveys is guiding the research phase of the project to develop a strategic master plan that not only encourages economic growth in the tourism sector and elsewhere but also enhances the quality of life for Tucsonans.

Please contact Vanessa Bechtol to request the summary reports for any of the following:

  • Stakeholder Engagement – Summary Issues & Opportunities, Sept. 28, 2018
  • Destination Assessment, Oct. 16, 2018
  • Festivals & Events Analysis, Oct. 23, 2018 
  • Visitor Survey Report, Dec. 11, 2018 
  • Community Survey Report, Dec. 11, 2018
  • Situational Analysis, Dec. 19, 2018  
  • Open-ended comments from visitor and community surveys

Phase 3: Visioning Workshops - Completed

The visioning phase of the project was conducted by Resonance and included two half-day workshops. These workshops examined what metro Tucson’s future visitors look like, where our region is competitive and deficient, and how can we differentiate metro Tucson from competitors.

Phase 4: Draft Tourism Master Plan - In Progress

Resonance Consultancy is incorporating the strategies prioritized at the two visioning workshops into the draft Tourism Master Plan, which is expected to be available for review in April 2019.  Visit Tucson will host an open house in April to allow stakeholders to share feedback on the draft plan.  The final Tourism Master Plan will be presented to stakeholders in June 2019.

For more information on the Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan project, view the online press release on, or download the pdf version here

For additional information, please contact Vanessa Bechtol, Senior Director of Community Partnerships, Visit Tucson, 520-770-2169,

Updated February 21, 2019


At Visit Tucson, we want to develop a plan to increase the tax dollars coming into our economy while also responsibly preserving what drew those visitors here in the first place.

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