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A CosmoChristmas® Celebration for the Whole Family

The best of traditional holiday cheer meets modern, cosmic and unique perspectives at this special time of year with a Christmas Celebration at the Sea Of Glass—Center For The Arts.  Bring the family out on Friday, December 20 to enjoy two exquisite holiday choirs, a Christmas musical play filled with humor and touching moments, and a visit from ‘ol Saint Nick!

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and performances commence at 6:30 p.m. with TaliasVan’s CosmoYouth Choir, followed by TaliasVan’s 50-voice Bright & Morning Star Choir & Orchestra.  After the CosmoChristmas concert will be a screening of a Christmas musical play called, “The God Child Came” and, to top off the festivities, Santa Claus will be there to share his jolly holiday spirit and gather any last-minute Christmas wishes!

TaliasVan's CosmoYouth Choir bring the sweet sounds of angelic innocence in their harmonies.  A professional youth performing and recording group, these talented teens are part of Global Community Communications Schools and on the Global Change Music record label.  They are youth with a mission to offer hope and inspiration through song for their vision of world unity and peace.

TaliasVan's Bright & Morning Star Choir & Orchestra is a 50-piece ensemble formed in 1995 by TaliasVan, musician and founder of Global Change Music Nonprofit Record Label.  For the holidays, the choir performs both classic traditional pieces and some CosmoChristmas™ originals written by TaliasVan to reflect the divine.  The harmonies and arrangements are other-worldly and the sound is dynamic and sacred.  The choir has been performing and recording professionally for over two decades.

The God Child Came is a 1-hour Christmas musical play performed by Global Change Theater Company which was professionally shot and edited for DVD at Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona.  A touching story about a young woman's search for the true meaning of Christmas, the play takes you on an unforgettable journey featuring a colorful cast of characters who will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.  The play is interwoven with a beautiful, original music score from The God Child Came Christmas album.

Come early and enjoy the Communications Courtyard beer and wine garden for food and refreshments before the show; a beautiful oasis with soothing fountain and a rooftop patio overlooking the Catalina Mountains.

Tickets are $15 advance / $20 day of show; Age 12-15 = $12 advance / $17 day of show; Age 11 & under = $4.00.  Proceeds benefit the Global Community Communications Schools for Teens & Children.  The Sea Of Glass—Center For The Arts is located at 330 E. 7th St., Tucson, Arizona just off of 4th Avenue. For tickets or more information call (520) 398-2542 or visit

To assist those in financial need, the Sea Of Glass offers an Avalon Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil work reciprocation program where forms of non-monetary reciprocation can be exchanged for services.  Reciprocation must be made in advance of show. Call 520-603-9932 to inquire.

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Minister Mycenay Plyler

Booking Agent

The Sea Of Glass--Center For The Arts

330 E. 7th St., Tucson, AZ 85705

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cell: 520-307-5192

offc: 520-398-2542