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Tourism Master Plan

10-Year Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan

Download the 10-Year Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan

In August 2018, Visit Tucson engaged Resonance Consultancy, a leader in place branding and an advisor to cities around the world, to assist us in developing a 10-year Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan to help identify ways to protect, improve, and enhance the region’s long-term quality of life and economic prosperity. The Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan provides a regional map for growing the number of overnight visitors, length of stays and tourism expenditures while identifying new and enhanced products and services needed to increase these metrics.


The year-long process involved a series of stakeholder workshops and interviews with nearly 100 individuals who shared their expertise and unique perspectives.  Additional research included a festival and events analysis, visitor and resident surveys, and a destination assessment looking into how Tucson competes with 14 destinations in our competitive set.

Findings from the research and visioning phases guided the development of the tourism master plan, which goes far beyond the traditional travel industry and also identifies issues and opportunities to improve quality of life for residents and to stimulate economic prosperity. 

The plan identifies the three visitor audiences we expect to see more of over the next 10 years and outlines recommendations in six strategic focus areas to reach those visitor segments:

  • Seekers and explorers
  • ​Spanish-speaking visitors
  • Meetings delegates

The recommendations are organized into six focus areas, with a variety of strategies that align with each. Some of the recommendations in the plan can be taken on by Visit Tucson while others will be best addressed by other partners, including local government, economic development organizations, educational institutions and others.      

Well-Being: Tucson has a strength of identity associated with well-being that is a result of our history, natural environment and the experiences Tucson has to offer. 

PlacemakingHow do we enhance places, large and small, that reveal metro Tucson as a distinct and authentic place for residents and visitors alike?

Connectivity: Organizing the movement of residents and visitors into, out of, and around metro Tucson conveniently and efficiently is a critical component of the visitor experience as well as quality of life for residents.

Culture: Our region is blessed with a rich historic legacy that creates a sense of place for residents and helps connect with visitors from around the world.  

Development/Investment: Delivering a quality experience for visitors via major infrastructure investments.

Advocacy: Serving as the industry voice, champion, and conduit for a broader portfolio of policy, programs, and opportunities that affect Metro Tucson as a visitor destination and a place to live. 

Next Steps

Visit Tucson is forming a tourism master plan implementation committee to guide development and enactment of specific tactics and to track progress.  Additionally, a new three-year strategic plan will be developed and implemented in 2020-23 to include implementation of the Metro Tucson Tourism Master Plan. (Updated August 13, 2019)

For additional information or to participate in implementation of one of the recommendations presented herein, please contact Vanessa Bechtol, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Visit Tucson, 520-770-2169,


At Visit Tucson, we have developed a plan to increase the tax dollars coming into our economy while also responsibly preserving what drew those visitors here in the first place.

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