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Getting Here

Whether you’re buzzing down from Phoenix for the weekend, coming out for a spa holiday from LA, or taking a Southern Arizona sojourn from abroad, there’s no shortage of ways to visit Tucson! Below is a list of options for reaching your piece of Sonoran sunshine.

Flights to Tucson

Tucson is served by six airlines with daily nonstop service to/from major and connections around the world.

Check for up-to-date information from Tucson International Airport

Check the nonstop flights' map

Choose Tucson International Airport (TUS) for convenience and less stressful travel experience.

When you calculate the value of your time, mileage and higher parking rates, flying from Phoenix lose its appeal. Especially when you consider their lowest airfares are on flights that require the same connections you would make from Tucson – the only difference is you’re adding an extra leg; a two-hour drive to-and-from Phoenix.

The convenience of TUS for southern Arizona travelers:

Nearby airport – no 2-hour drive, especially when you’re tired and your way home.

Nonstop flights to major cities in the U.S.

Easy one-stop connections to more than 325 destinations around the world.

Close-in parking at half the price you would pay in Phoenix.

Shorter security lines so less stress.

First-class amenities on the concourses while you wait.

See for yourself! Use FlyTucson's Cost Comparison Calculator and see how much you could save. 

More Transportation Options

Train & Bus Service to Tucson

The Sunset Limited Amtrak train line runs three days a week and connects Los Angeles to New Orleans with service to downtown Tucson. Downtown is also home to the Greyhound Bus Station, open 24 hours all year long.

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