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Beyond the Beverage

There's more to do in Tucson's watering holes than just drink

Pub & Bar Activities

Yes, the main reason you’re going to a brewery, distillery, bar, etc. is to get a drink, but the best part of those experiences is always the company. After all, there was an entire television show about going somewhere where everyone knows your name. Whether you’re choosing to partake in an adult beverage or not, you might be surprised by some of the activities to be found near the bar in Tucson.


Pub quizzes have been a part of bar culture since the 1970’s, because, sure, who doesn’t want to feel like the smart one in the room for a bit? Tucson’s trivia scene is dominated by Geeks Who Drink quizzes, a fun, pop culture heavy, eight round competition with the winner taking home a gift certificate for the hosting venue. Check the company’s website for details, but you can generally find a quiz somewhere Sunday through Thursday, with the Tuesday quiz at Hotel Congress and the Wednesday quiz at Gentle Ben’s drawing the biggest crowds (and toughest competition. Even if you don’t win, you’ll almost certainly have fun in the process.



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Maybe you don’t associate health and wellness with breweries, but it’s hard to pass up the deal some of Tucson’s craft brewers offer: a yoga class and a post-enlightenment beer, just $5. Pints & Poses at Pueblo Vida, Crooked Yoga at Crooked Tooth, Bakasana & Beer at Dragoon…look for these events on Facebook and find your own moment of inner peace.




Tucson’s a great city for astronomy: dark skies, telescopes galore, and the University of Arizona’s incredible space sciences program. It’s also a city where you can go learn about the wonders of space in a brewery. One Wednesday a month, some of our city’s best space scientists give a lecture, answer questions and other astronomy-related stuff at Borderlands Brewery. Get a little bit smarter and enjoy a delicious beer. What a great deal!



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