More About So AZ Made

Our vision for the SoAZ Made program, in partnership with Visit Tucson, Startup Tucson, and the Tucson City of Gastronomy, is to create a thriving local food economy in Southern Arizona, where local artisans and entrepreneurs can showcase their unique products and experiences to a wider audience. Together, we believe that by supporting these businesses, we can help preserve the rich culinary heritage of the region, and promote a stronger sense of community and connection among local consumers.

Our goal is to foster a sustainable an equitable food system, where everyone has access to fresh, locally-sourced and locally-made products, and where food entrepreneurs are able to build successful and fulfilling careers doing what they love. We envision a Southern Arizona where the local food scene is vibrant and diverse, and where consumers are proud to support the artisans and entrepreneurs who make it all possible.


Frequently Asked Questions