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Our Contribution To The Plot

Locations with heart
Humble & hard-working crew base
Free permits, free scouting, free advice


To find out more, e-mail Peter Catalanotte at or text/call his cell at 520-349-4729.


Film Tucson offers the following services:

Scouting: Assistance with location scouting, location photos, and contacts.

Liaison: Work with city, county, state and federal agencies as well as institutions and assist with individual property owners to coordinate neighborhood needs.

Production: Provide information on accommodations, equipment, crew and local suppliers. We are available 24 hours a day to troubleshoot issues.

Additionally, we provide no-fee permits, online crew listings, and reliable information regarding a Tucson shoot. We can personally assist with location scouting as well as coordinate arrangements with Fire, Police, and City/County Traffic personnel. We strive to make your location filming an efficient, cost-effective and enjoyable experience. Whatever your budget or production needs may be, Film Tucson is willing to assist you.

Watch our clip reel, Tucson On Film, to see for yourself the legacy of film in Southern Arizona. Visit us on Facebook for the current film news and all the latest info on Tucson's robust local film community.

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