1920 - 1959

Below are a variety of films & shows made in our region from 1920 to 1959, utilizing such vibrant locations as the Dragoon MountainsWhite Stallion Ranch, and Old Tucson. We have listed a few of the many locations under each production.

You can check out all of the cinematic looks southern Arizona has to offer on our locations page HERE.


1950 - 1959

The Incredible Petrified World 1959 | Jerry Warren
Locations: Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Last Train From Gun Hill 1959 | John Sturges
Locations: Old Tucson, Empire Ranch, Elgin

Buchanan Rides Alone 1958 | Budd Boetticher
Locations: Sabino Canyon, Old Tucson

The Lone Ranger and The Lost City of Gold 1958 | Lesley Selander
Locations: Old Tucson, Mission San Xavier del Bac

The Guns Of Ft. Petticoat 1957 | George Marshall
Locations: Old Tucson, Amado, Picacho Peak State Park

Wagon Train 1957 | TV Series
Locations: Old Tucson

The Bottom of the Bottle 1956 | Henry Hathaway
Locations: Old Tucson, Nogales, Mission San Xavier del Bac

The Proud Ones 1956 | Robert D. Webb
Locations: Old Tucson

Backlash 1956 | John Sturges
Locations: Old Tucson, Sonoita, Patagonia

Oklahoma! 1955 | Fred Zinnemann
Locations: San Rafael State Park, Sonoita, Empire Ranch

Strange Lady In Town 1955 | Mervyn LeRoy
Locations: Old Tucson

The Violent Men 1955 | Rudolph Maté
Locations: Old Tucson

The Last Outpost 1951 | Lewis R. Foster
Locations: Mission San Xavier del Bac, Old Tucson, Fairbank

Winchester '73 1950 | Anthony Mann
Locations: Old Tucson, Saguaro National Park, Sonoita

Rio Bravo 1959 | Howard Hawks
Locations: Old Tucson, Picacho Peak State Park

The Badlanders 1958 | Delmer Daves
Locations: Old Tucson

3:10 To Yuma 1958 | Delmer Daves
Locations: Old Tucson, Empire Ranch, Dragoon Mountains

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957 | John Sturges
Locations: Old Tucson, Elgin, Empire Ranch

Gunsight Ridge 1957 | Francis D. Lyon 
Locations: Old Tucson, Empire Ranch, Patagonia

A Kiss Before Dying 1956 | Gerd Oswald
Locations: University of Arizona, Downtown Tucson, Tucson Mountain Park

The Broken Star 1956 | Lesley Selander
Locations: Old Tucson

Reprisal! 1956 | George Sherman
Locations: Old Tucson

Walk The Proud Land 1956 | Jesse Hibbs
Locations: Old Tucson, Picacho Peak State Park

Violent Saturday 1955 | Richard Fleischer
Locations: Bisbee, Lowell, Warren

Ten Wanted Men 1955 | H. Bruce Humberstone
Locations: Old Tucson

Arena 1953 | Richard Fleischer
Locations: Tucson Rodeo Grounds, Old Tucson

Broken Arrow 1950 | Delmer Daves
Locations: Old Tucson

1920 - 1949

Relentless 1948 | George Sherman
Locations: Old Tucson, Picacho Peak State Park, White Stallion Ranch.

Arizona 1940 | Wesley Ruggles   
Locations: Old Tucson, White Stallion Ranch

Ridin' Wild 1925 | Leon De La Mothe 
Locations: Tucson

The Last Roundup 1947 | John English
Locations: Old Tucson, White Stallion Ranch

The Gay Desperado 1936 | Rouben Mamoulian
Locations: Saguaro National Park, Mission San Xavier del Bac, Downtown Tucson

The Mine with the Iron Door 1924 | Sam Wood
Locations: Mt. Lemmon, Mammoth, Hayden

A Legacy Of Film By Decade

Skinwalker Set Photo

2020 - Present

Filming Generation Cool in Tucson

2000 - 2019

Filming set check in Tucson

1980 - 1999

Filming airport scene in Tucson International Airport TUS

1960 - 1979

Filming car scene in Tucson

1920 - 1959

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