2000 - 2019

Below are a variety of films & shows made in our region from the year 2000 to 2019, utilizing such vibrant locations as Nogales (AZ)Tucson Mountain Park, and Old Tucson. We have listed a few of the many locations under each production.

You can check out all of the cinematic looks southern Arizona has to offer on our locations page HERE.


2010 - 2019

Ride with Norman Reedus (AMC) 2019 | TV Episode | S3 Ep 4

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park, Hi Speeds Rods & Customs

Seven Worlds, One Planet (BBC) 2019 | TV Episode | Ep North America

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park

Eyes Upon Waking 2019 | Timothy Zwica & Jennifer Scott

Locations: Howenstine TUSD Education Center, Cornerstone El Dorado, Tucson

The Legend of 5 Mile Cave 2019 | Brent Christy

Locations: Old Tucson

The Bellmen 2019 | Cameron Fife

Locations: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Love By Drowning 2019 | Justin Kreinbrink

Locations: Hotel Congress, Barrio Viejo, Tucson International Airport

Bisbee 17 2018 | Robert Greene

Locations: Bisbee, Warren, Lowell

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Food Network) 2018 | TV Episodes | S28 Eps 5-10              

Locations: Tucson

Nightwatch Nation (A&E) 2018 | TV Series | Season 1

Locations: Tucson

The Curtainfall 2018 | Anders Østergaard

Locations: Tucson Convention Center (Music Hall), Sabino Canyon

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia (Vice) 2017 | TV Episode | S2 Ep 1

Locations: Tucson

You're Gonna Miss Me 2017 | Dustin Rikert

Locations: Tucson

Run Coyote Run 2017 | TV Series | Season 1 & 2

Locations: Naco (AZ), Bisbee, Tucson

Schlep 2016 | Scott Dunn

Locations: Tucson

Misfortune 2016 | Desmond Devenish

Locations: Tucson

Patagonia Treasure Trail 2016 | Michele Gisser

Locations: Patagonia

600 Miles 2015 | Gabriel Ripstein

Locations: Naco (AZ), Second Amendment Sports, Tucson Convention Center

48 Hours (CBS) 2014 | TV Episode | Se28 Ep 3

Locations: Tucson

Hot Bath and a Stiff Drink 2 2014 | Matthew Gratzner

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!) 2014 | TV Episode | S9 Ep 7

Locations: Tucson

Who is Dayani Cristal? 2013 | Marc Silver

Locations: Nogales (Sonora)

Stardust & The Bandit 2012 | TV Movie | Dick Fisher & Sarah Sher

Locations: Old Tucson

Man vs. Wild (Discovery Channel) 2011 | TV Episode | S6 Ep 1

Locations: King's 98, Willcox Playa, Dragoon Mountains

Mad, Mad Wagon Party 2010 | Dwight Brooks

Locations: Old Tucson

Just Roll With It (Disney Channel) 2019 | TV Episode

Locations: Tucson

Crikey! It's the Irwins (Animal Planet) 2019 | TV Episode | S2 Ep 11

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park

Murder for Hire (Oxygen) 2019 | TV Episode | S1 Ep 7

Locations: Tucson

Best Places to Pig Out 2019 | TV Episode | S1 Ep 8

Locations: Fourth Avenue

Bar Rescue (Paramount Network) 2019 | TV Episodes | S6 Eps 12 & 13   

Locations: Tucson

Carnival Kings (Cooking Network) 2018 | TV Episodes | S1 Eps 3 & 4

Locations: Pima County Fairgrounds

Building Off the Grid (DIY Network) 2018 | TV Episode | S5 Ep 1

Locations: Tucson

Wastelander 2018 | Angelo Lopes

Locations: Kings Anvil Ranch, Cowtown Keelocko, Arivaca

Dead Men 2018 | Royston Innes

Locations: Gammons Gulch, Tombstone, Benson

Tombstone Rashomon 2017 | Alex Cox

Locations: Old Tucson

Amazed by You 2017 | Mark Hannah

Locations: Old Tucson, 4th Avenue, Downtown Tucson

Slobby's World (Netflix) 2017 | TV Series | Season 1

Locations: 4th Avenue

The West and the Ruthless 2017 | Lexie Findarle Trivundza & Nick Trivundza         

Locations: Old Tucson 

The System is Broken 2016 | Ignatius Lin

Locations: Tucson

Lucky U Ranch 2016 | Steve Anderson

Locations: Bisbee, Hotel Congress

Dropkick 2015 | Robert Loomis

Locations: Tucson

Many Bones, One Heart 2015 | Leslie Ann Epperson

Locations: Downtown Tucson

Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2014 | Matthew Gratzner

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal, White Stallion Ranch

Divide 2014 | Joshua Zientarski

Locations: Downtown Tucson

The Hangover III 2013 | Todd Phillips

Locations: Nogales (AZ)

Goats 2012 | Christopher Neil

Locations: Sabino Canyon, Barrio Viejo

Ambush at Dark Canyon 2012 | Dustin Rikert

Locations: Old Tucson, Triangle T Guest Ranch, Benson

Food Wars (Travel Channel) 2010 | TV Episode | S1 Ep 6

Locations: Tucson

2000 - 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009 | Michael Bay

Locations: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Away We Go 2009 | Sam Mendes

Locations: JW Marriot Starr Pass Resort & Spa, Tucson Mountain Park

ackrabbit Sky 2009 | Andrew Bergmann

Locations: Downtown Tucson, Tucson Mountain Park, Historic Train Depot

The Last Man 2008 | James Arnett

Locations: Tucson

Favorite Son 2008 | Howard Libov

Locations: Tucson

Touching Home 2008 | Logan Miller & Noah Miller

Locations: Hi Corbett Field

The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror 2007 | Jaymes Thompson                 

Locations: Tucson

Seven Mummies 2006 | Nick Quested

Locations: Old Tucson, Gammons Gulch

Cut Off 2006 | Gino Cabanas & Dick Fisher

Locations: Old Tucson

Miracle at Sage Creek 2005 | James Intveld

Locations: Old Tucson

Eating Out 2004 | Q. Allan Brock

Locations: Downtown Tucson

Day of Redemption 2004 | Anthony J. Christopher

Locations: Benson, Gammons Gulch

Ghost Rock 2003 | Dustin Rikert

Locations: Old Tucson, Sonoita

Spin 2003 | James Redford

Locations: Barrio Viejo, University of Arizona

Trigon: The Legend of the Phantom Rider 2002 | Alex Erkiletian

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal, Willcox

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 | George Clooney

Locations: White Stallion Ranch, Nogales (Sonora)

The Vault 2000 | James Black

Locations: Tucson

South of Heaven, West of Hell 2000 | Dwight Yoakum

Locations: Mescal, Sonoita, Old Tucson

Trade In 2009 | Jackie Lee Jones

Locations: Tucson

Ingenious 2009 | Jeff Balsmeyer

Locations: Downtown Tucson, Tucson Mountain Park

The Family That Preys 2008 | Tyler Perry

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park, Sonoita, Elgin

Red 71 2008 | Patrick Roddy

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park

From A Place of Darkness 2008 | Doug Raine

Locations: Downtown Tucson

The Last Blast 2008 | Sohm Offos

Locations: Tucson

Coyote 2007 | Brian Peterson

Locations0: Tucson

Desperation 2006 | TV Movie | Mick Garris

Locations: Tucson Convention Center, Lowell

The Last Blast 2006 | Andre Gross

Locations: Tucson Mountain Park

America 101 2005 | Mark A. Russelln

Locations: Tucson

Mind the Gap 2004 | Eric Schaeffer

Locations: Tucson

Deep Toad 2003 | Toby Hubner

Locations: Tucson

Winged Migration 2003 | Jacques Perrin

Locations: Willcox Playa

From the Other Side 2002 | Chantal Akerman

Locations: Nogales (Sonora), Naco (AZ), Douglas

Groom Lake 2002 | William Shatner

Locations: Biosphere 2, Lowell, Tucson Convention Center

Price of Glory 2000 | Carlos Avila

Locations: Nogales (AZ), Tucson

Almost Famous 2000 | Cameron Crowe

Locations: Old Ajo Highway

Traffic 2000 | Steven Soderbergh

Locations: Nogales (Sonora)

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