1980 - 1999

Below are a variety of films & shows made in our region from 1980 to 1999, utilizing such vibrant locations as the City of Benson, the Barrio Viejo, and Mescal. We have listed a few of the many locations under each production.

You can check out all of the cinematic looks southern Arizona has to offer on our locations page HERE.


1990 - 1999

Catalina Trust 1999 | Will Conroy

Locations: Arizona Inn

Three Kings 1999 | David O Russell

Locations: Tucson, Sacanton Mine, Eloy

The Junkfood Generation 1999 | Shinobu Sakagami

Locations: Tucson

Magnificent Seven 1998 | TV Series Pilot | Steve Beers & Christopher Cain

Locations: Mescal, Old Tucson, Sonoita

Los Locos 1997 | Jean-Marc Vallee

Locations: Old Tucson, Benson

The Postman 1997 | Kevin Costner

Locations: Tucson, Nogales

The Parasite 1997 | Andy Froemke

Locations: Tucson

Blue Rodeo 1996 | TV Movie | Peter Werner

Locations: Downtown Tucson, San Rafael Ranch State Park, 

Tin Cup 1996 | Ron Shelton

Locations: Hotel Congress, Sonoita, Nogales

Ruby Jean and Joe 1996 | TV Movie | Geoffrey Sax

Locations: Bisbee, Tucson Rodeo Grounds, Empire Ranch

Hard Bounty 1995 | Jim Wynorski

Locations: Old Tucson

Tank Girl 1995 | Rachael Talahay

Location: Tucson

The Quick and the Dead 1995 | Sam Raimi

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal, Sonoita

Boys on the Side 1995 | Herbert Ross

Locations: Barrio Viejo, Longhorn Grill

Dead Beat 1994 | Adam Dubov

Locations: Tucson

Pontiac Moon 1994 | Peter Medak

Locations: San Rafael Ranch State Park, Benson, Douglas

Lightning Jack 1994 | Simon Wincer

Locations: Old Tucson

Arizona Dream 1993 | Emir Kusturica

Locations: Patagonia, Douglas, San Rafael Ranch State Park

Tombstone 1993 | George P. Cosmatos

Locations: Sonoita, Mescal, Dragoon Mountains

Bodies, Rest & Motion 1993 | Michael Steinberg

Locations: Tucson

Stay Tuned 1992 | Peter Hyams

Locations: Old Tucson

Gunsmoke: To The Last Man 1992 | Jerry Jameson

Locations: Old Tucson

Death Magic 1992 | Paul Clinco

Locations: Tucson

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991 | Simon Wincer

Locations: Fourth Avenue Underpass, Downtown Tucson

Border Shootout 1990 | TV Movie | Chris McIntyre

Locations: Old Tucson

El Diablo 1990 | TV | Peter Markle

Locations: Sabino Canyon, Mescal, Old Tucson

The Laughing Dead 1990 | Somtow Sucharitkul

Locations: Old Tucson

Jesus' Son 1999 | Alison Maclean

Locations: Tucson

The Lost Son 1999 | Chris Menges

 Locations: Tucson

Wild Wild West 1999 | Barry Sonnenfeld

Locations: Old Tucson, Nogales 

Buffalo Soldiers 1997 | TV Movie | Charles Haid

Locations: Dragoon Mountains, Mescal, Willcox Playa

Perdita Durango 1997 | Alex de la Iglesia

Locations: Nogales, Tucson

Vanishing Point 1997 | TV Movie | Charles Robert Carner

Locations: Tucson, Longhorn Grill

Dog Years 1997 | Robert Loomis

Locations: Downtown Tucson

Savage Skies 1996 | TV Documentary | Julian Farino and Bill Lyons             

Locations: Tucson

A Stranger to Love 1996 | TV Movie | Peter Levin

Locations: Tucson

An Unfinished Affair 1996 | TV Movie | Ron Hardy

Locations: Barrio Viejo

Legend 1995 | TV series | Creators: Bill Dial & Michael Piller

Locations: Mescal, Old Tucson

Under the Hula Moon 1995 | Jeff Celentano

Locations: Old Tucson

Timemaster 1995 | James Glickenhaus

Locations: Old Tucson, Mesal

Seduced by Evil 1994 | TV Movie | Tony Wharmby

Locations: Tucson, Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Terminal Velocity 1994 | Deran Serafian

Locations: Old Tucson, Douglas

Fast Getaway II 1994 | Oley Sassone

Locations: Saguaro National Park, Downtown Tucson, Sentinel Peak.

Geronimo: An American Legend 1993 | TV | Roger Young

Locations: Old Tucson

Posse 1993 | Mario Van Peebles

Locations: Old Tucson, Empire Ranch, Benson

Jericho Fever 1993 | TV Movie | Sandor Stern

Locations: Tucson

Legends of the West 1992 | John 'Bud' Cardos

Locations: Old Tucson, Old Tombstone

Four Eyes and Six-Guns 1992 | Piers Haggard

Locations: Old Tucson, Bisbee

Nemesis 1992 | Albert Pyun

Locations: Old Tucson

Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992 | John Glen

Locations: Nogales, Patagonia, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Young Guns II 1990 | Geoff Murphy

Locations: Bisbee, Old Tucson, San Rafael Ranch State Park

Madhouse 1990 | Tom Ropelewski

Locations: Tucson

Fire Birds 1990 | David Green

Locations: Mammoth, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

1980 - 1989

Hey Dude! (Nickelodeon) 1989 | TV Series

Locations: Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, Old Tucson

The Young Riders 1989 | TV Series

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal, Empire Ranch

Gore Vidal's "Billy The Kid" 1989 | TV Movie | William A. Graham

Locations: Old Tucson, Sabino Canyon, Mescal

Red River 1988 | TV Movie | Richard Michaels

Locations: Tucson, Empire Ranch, Old Tucson

Ghost Town 1988 | Richard McCarthy

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal

Desperado 1987 | TV Movie | Virgil W. Vogel

Locations: Empire Ranch, Mescal, Old Tucson

Nobody Likes It Hot / Bellifreshi 1987 | Enrico Oldoini

Locations: Old Tucson

Walker 1987 | Alex Cox

Locations: Old Tucson

Love Among Thieves 1987 | TV Movie | Roger Young

Locations: Old Tucson, Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Stagecoach 1986 | TV Movie | Ted Post

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal

The Wraith 1986 | Mike Marvin

Locations: Sabino Canyon, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Jackals 1986 | Gary Grillo

Locations: Old Tucson, Nogales

Lost in America 1985 | Albert Brooks

Locations: Tucson

Little House: Bless All The Dear Children 1984 | TV Movie | Victor French

Locations: Tucson

Cannonball Run II 1984 | TV Movie | Hal Needham

Locations: Bisbee, Old Tucson

Highway To Heaven (NBC) 1984 | TV Series

Locations: Old Tucson

Little Arliss 1984 | TV Movie | Gene McPherson

Locations: Old Tucson

September Gun 1983 | TV Movie | Don Taylor

Locations: Old Tucson

Death Valley 1982 | Dick Richards

Locations: Old Tucson

The Cannonball Run 1981 | Hal Needham

Locations: Old Tucson

Stir Crazy 1980 | Sidney Poitier

Locations: Downtown Tucson, Pima County Courthouse, Pima Community College

More Wild, Wild West 1980 | TV Movie | Burt Kennedy

Locations: Old Tucson

That's Incredible 1980 | TV Series

Locations: Old Tucson

Major League 1989 | David S. Ward

Locations: Hi Corbett Field

Third Degree Burn 1989 | TV Movie | Roger Spottiswoode

Locations: Old Tucson

Jesse 1988 | TV Movie | Glenn Jordan

Locations: Lowell, Warren, Bisbee

Stones for Ibarra 1988 | TV Movie | Jack Gold

Locations: Old Tucson, Tucson

Once Upon A Texas Train 1988 | TV Movie | Burt Kennedy

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal

Can't Buy Me Love 1987 | Steve Rash

Locations: Tucson High School, Pima Air & Space Museum, Winterhaven Neighborhood

Poker Alice 1987 | TV movie | Arthur Allan Seidelman

Locations: Old Tucson

Buckeye and Blue 1987 | Juleen Compton

Locations: Old Tucson, Mescal, Sabino Canyon

Desert Bloom 1986 | Eugene Corr

Locations: Hotel Congress

Three Amigos! 1986 | John Landis

Locations: Old Tucson

Dream West 1986 | TV Mini-Series

Locations: Old Tucson

Natas: The Reflection 1986 | Jack Dunlap

Locations: Old Tucson

Webster 1985 | TV Series

Locations: Old Tucson

Calamity Jane 1984 | TV Movie | James Goldstone

Locations: Old Tucson

Flashpoint 1984 | William Tannen

Locations: Old Tucson, University of Arizona, Picacho Peak State Park

Kidco 1984 | Ron Maxwell

Locations: Downtown Tucson, Green Valley

Revenge of The Nerds 1984 | Jeff Kanew

Locations: University of Arizona, Old Tucson, Scottish Rite Temple

I Married Wyatt Earp 1983 | TV Movie | Michael O'Herlihy              

Locations: Mescal. Old Tucson, Sonoita

The Ghost Dance 1982 | Peter F. Buffa

Locations: University of Arizona, Old Tucson, Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Father Murphy 1981 | TV Series

Locations: Old Tucson

High Noon, Part II 1980 | TV Movie | Jerry Jameson

Locations: Old Tucson

The Gambler 1980 | TV Movie | Dick Lowry

Locations: Sonoita, Old Tucson, Mescal

Tom Horn 1980 | William Wiard

Locations: Old Tucson, Patagonia, Empire Ranch

A Legacy Of Film By Decade

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