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Winter Training Capital

Space, Sun, and Everything You Need

It's true we're laid back, but some things we take very seriously, and winter training in Tucson is one of them. In fact, Tucson, Arizona, is officially known as the Winter Training Capital.

Is that because the sun shines 350 days a year here? Or is it our roughly 500 miles of dedicated bike lanes and Gold status rating by the League of American Bicyclists? Is it the wide open spaces that call to runners and bikers from around the world? The miles and miles of trails that crisscross our five majestic mountain ranges? Is it our world-class pools, fields, gyms, equipment shops, and sports medicine?

Yeah, actually—it's all of that and more.


Tucson's Commitment to Winter Training

Nature gave us the weather and landscape to make Tucson an athlete's dream come true, but it took blood, sweat, and tears to become the Winter Training Capital.

Since setting that goal in 2010, local governments, sports clubs, and a passionate network of businesses, organizations, and volunteers have worked hard to optimize the city's training potential and put Tucson at the top of every winter training "best-of" list around the world.

Today, Tucson is a training home to Olympic medalists and world champions who love how our weather makes it almost impossible to miss a training day here. But don't worry.

There's a lot of space here. Room for everyone. Including countless weekend warriors who aren't out to take a world title, just train at their passion in a place that has everything they need.


Winter Training in Tucson? Ask an Ironman.

Brian Grasky, USA Triathlon Certified Coach and five-time Ironman explains why Tucson truly is the Winter Training Capital.