The Visit Tucson Brand

Tucson rates very highly on attributes like authenticity and natural environment. These are key differentiators for us as compared to destinations in our competitive set. We also offer warm, sunny weather and plenty of wide-open spaces for people to recreate and enjoy nature, a vibrant and internationally recognized food scene, as well as a unique cultural heritage and history. We want to look for ways to communicate these strengths to potential visitors.

The Tucson visitor perception we want to perpetuate:  Tucson is a vibrant outdoor mecca that allows active travelers to explore off the beaten path without sacrificing the amenities of a thriving city. 

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Brand Statement: 
Free Yourself

Brand Values: 
Liberating, Free-Spirited, Personal, Genuine, Comfortable

Brand Promise: 
Tucson inspires a sense of freedom among all who visit, Freedom of thought and expression, Freedom to discover and explore, and the Freedom to be yourself.

Brand Position: 
To those who venture off the beaten path, Tucson is proud to be a little out there. A natural oasis from the unoriginal and pretentious that inspires the free spirit in us all. 

Brand Voice: 
Off Beat, Unpretentious, Relaxed, Refreshing, Energizing

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