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Tucson's year-round calendar of long-running events and fresh new fiestas has attracted international acclaim.


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International Recognition for Tucson Events

The International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) recognized Tucson as a World Festival & Event City, a place with positive environments for events that enrich the community. Tucson's calendar is packed with year-round entertainment that reflects the city's vibrant culture, heritage, and values and offers many ways to simply enjoy oneself with others.

If you're a visitor, festivals and events can be a great introduction to the Tucson community. Many of them happen outdoors, surrounded by sunshine and scenic views. Our busiest time of year is winter, although every season has something fun going on. Even hot summer has a special appeal that ranges from night owls seeking good times downtown to bird-watchers on an expedition after monsoon rains.

Fiestas full of life and tradition tied to Tucson and Southern Arizona's borderland region are hugely popular. Several annual signature events that highlight aspects of our history and multicultural heritage continue to be popular after many decades. Others are about exercise or competition -- bicycling, running or watching team sports -- while communing with nature. And many events related to music, food, culture and science and athletics are connected to the University of Arizona talent in our college town.

Tucson, Arizona is one of the nine cities worldwide honored as a 2017 "World Festival & Event City."

Tucson was one of nine cities worldwide chosen as a 2017 World Festival & Event City by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA). This award was created as a way for the global festivals and events industry to openly encourage, support and recognize positive local environments for festivals and events worldwide. City entries were judged by an international panel of industry experts in the only recognition program of its kind. Watch Tucson’s application video, created and submitted by the local IFEA chapter Festivals & Events Association of Tucson & Southern Arizona, above and below.

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Guitartist Musicians at Historic Fourth Avenue Street Fair

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Tucson Jazz Festival

Tucson Jazz Festival

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