City of Gastronomy

Tucson has great food, but it's also an identity and a way of life.


What does it mean to be a UNESCO City of Gastronomy?

Tucson received this distinction from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), because the food here tells a story that dates back 4,000 years. The city’s culinary heritage is a tapestry of Mexican and Native American traditions. Eating local means honoring history, and each bite is an experience. Taste Tucson's gastronomic roots through dishes and events that embrace heritage ingredients and local ingenuity. Come hungry, leave full.

Click here to learn more about Tucson's culinary heritage and to find locally-owned food businesses recognized for their commitments to localism, heritage ingredients, sustainability, responsible business practices, and giving back to the community. 


Sonoran White Wheat: A Heritage Grain Revival


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