From hats to boots, Tucson has cowboy duds for every style and budget.


What to Wear in the West

First-time visitors to Tucson and Southern Arizona, taking in their first serious dose of the Old West atmosphere here, often find themselves so taken with the wild charms of horseback riding and their guest ranch accommodations that they want to dress the part. We approve of this idea, and have rounded up of some of our area’s best outfitters. Visit these retailers selling cowboy hats, boots, jeans, and all manner of Western accents and you'll be ready to saddle up in no time! 


Arizona Hatters

Suppose you’ve got a beloved cowboy hat that’s been through some rides. Thankfully, Arizona Hatters offers their own expertise in cleaning and restoration in addition to a robust selection of all kinds of hats, along with belts, vests, shirts, and an array of Western-style clothing. A perennial winner of the Arizona Daily Star Readers’ Choice Award, this hat store is smack dab in the center of town.


Wall with rows of displayed cowboy hats



Boot Barn

You’ve arrived in Tucson, you had the best steak of your life last night, and want to go all-in, but you’re literally starting from scratch with not even a single cowboy hat or pair of Tony Llamas to your name. At Boot Barn, they’ve got an enormously varied selection of boots (from buckaroo-style to ropers), belts, shirts, vests, hats, and accessories to begin your westward journey as a ten-gallon stallion or filly in style.


Boot Bunkhouse

This small store is packed with an abundant selection of stylish leather boot wear along with hats, belts, and buckles. The extremely knowledgeable owner -- some call him "the boot whisperer" -- has been selling boots for decades and knows every brand, size, style, and even foot. Get yourself properly measured and take your time choosing the perfect pair.


Wall with a variety of cowboy boots displayed in rows



Stewart Boot Manufacturing Company

Another excellent option for someone seeking to put a little ridin’ and ropin’ in their closets is Stewart Boot Manufacturing Company. Located in historic South Tucson, a few blocks south of the downtown core, it's likely the last handmade boot factory in the United States. A team of master craftsmen catering to Western-wear enthusiasts willing to wait (and pay) for a good thing. They’ve got some serious style, creating more than 500 custom, made-to-last boots a year.


Older man sitting at an industrial machine crafting a leather cowboy boot