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From college sports to shopping, dining, the arts and family-friendly museums - Get ready to Bear Down!

Covering 380 acres in midtown Tucson, the university dates back to 1885—before Arizona was a state and long before mascots Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat cheered a "Bear Down, Arizona!" chorus. But there's nothing old-fashioned about this leading public university. It's a hub of community activity, like a walkable mini-city where you can experience the arts and humanities, learn about scientific discoveries, rally at athletic events, marvel at modern architecture, and stroll nature paths.

Academically, the University of Arizona is a global leader in both science and the arts. Nicknamed Science City, the UA is a longtime partner of NASA and a center of world-renowned observatories that has been at the forefront of modern astronomy and space science for decades. The two UA medical schools rank among the nation's best and are transforming academic medicine with innovative research, while the UA BIO5 Institute is the national epicenter of collaborative research on biology-based challenges. And, the university's top-rated theater, film, photography, and dance programs are a source of outstanding yet affordable student performances, exhibitions, and screenings.

The UA has nine family-friendly museums—ranging from anthropology to photography—where the curious of all ages can soak up science and culture. For sports fans, Arizona Wildcat sports events are just the ticket, with nearly everything offered, from top-ranked Pac-12 teams in football (game-day tailgates are revered), basketball, baseball, and softball to swimming-diving, soccer and rugby.

At the west entrance of campus, the pedestrian-friendly shopping and dining destination Main Gate Square regularly hosts spirit rallies and live entertainment.


Parents and visitors, consider yourself part of the extended family. Get to know the ins and outs of being a Wildcat – up close and personal with these online visitor information links.


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