Covid restrictions have massively impacted the Seri villages in Mexico. At this time, tourists cannot visit Mexico and Seri artists cannot cross into the U.S. This leaves galleries and internet sales as the only significant venues to sell basketry, which is essential to their local economy.
“When we heard about the current conditions in the Seri village we felt we could help out by hosting a basketry show online.” stated Susan Phillips, Native Seeds SEARCH Retail Sales & Merchandising Manager.
While Native Seeds SEARCH is primarily a seed conservation organization, their online retail platform sells arts and crafts from local and regional Native Artisans. They have continued to support the Seri, by providing seeds to their communities, but also by featuring their fine basketry in art exhibits throughout the years.
The Seri are intimately connected to both the desert and the sea; this is creatively expressed in their basketry designs. Baskets are crafted with fibers from the Torote plant which is stripped down to its pliable interior prior to weaving. Vegetable dyes are made by soaking plant material in boiling water. This dedication results in some of the finest and strongest basketry among Native communities in the Southwest.
The online show can be viewed and shopped at