Meaningful Answers To This Question From Local Tucsonans'


Erika MunozErika Muñoz - Restaurateur, Seis Kitchen and Catering
Starting with a trailer, Erika Muñoz and her husband, Jake, quickly built Seis, a celebration of the distinct culinary regions of Mexico, into a local mini-empire. First, the nearly-always packed location at the Mercado San Agustin, followed by spots in the Foothills and Oro Valley, each offering vibrant, delicious meals (plus the can’t miss, appropriately-named cold brew/horchata fusion “cochata”.


Sarita MendezSarita Mendez - Brewster, Tucson Hop Shop
Sarita Mendez is a native Tucsonan who believes in pursuing a life outdoors. She is drawn to open spaces and increasing her awareness on how to keep nature wild. She believes the outdoors is for all and hopes that more people of different backgrounds can share these experiences. She can be found exploring all over Southern Arizona, working in craft beer, and plotting her next adventure.


Ashley La RussaAshley La Russa - Founder, Roux Events 
Ashley La Russa founded Roux Events in 2019, an event management company with a primary focus on supporting the growth of organizations and community leaders that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. Ashley is the Project Lead at the largest accessible directory of Black businesses in Arizona,, as well as partnering with organizations, hotels, co-working spaces, and event venues to strategically plan how to serve the community as a whole.


Herm Guzman DJ HermHerm Guzman - (aka DJ Herm) 
Fiercely dedicated to enforcing the “No Parking on the Dancefloor” rule, Herm Guzman can be found behind the turntables at the best events in town or online, showcasing his unique musical blends. It’s impossible to peg DJ Herm down to a specific style, but know that wherever he’s playing, dancing is a certainty.


The Answers

What keeps you in Tucson?

We love Tucson! Tucson is such a warm, friendly, and welcoming community filled with awesome diversity amongst the locals. Amazing Food! Music! Culture! All in the lush Sonoran Desert. ~ Erika

Our people, our culture, our beautiful desert landscape, our tame winter weather, and the fact that Tucson is relatively unpretentious. ~ DJ Herm


What’s the one thing you suggest every visitor to Tucson do while they’re here?

Eat! Tucson is an amazing food city! We were the first US City of Gastronomy. We have some outstanding locally-owned restaurants and local chefs offering exquisite menus, with true care and attention to the food they prepare. A visitor should definitely make lots of time to indulge in our local Tucson eateries. ~ Erika

Watch the sunset at either Gates Pass (to ensure you get a large dose of Saguaro views) or Windy Point in the Santa Catalinas (to experience the rich biodiversity that Tucson has to offer). ~ Sarita


What restaurant would you recommend to visitors?

The Little One, downtown. ~ Sarita

El Rustico for some Quesabirras and then Smokey Mo for the burnt ends. ~ Ashley


What’s a Tucson hidden treasure?

All our local breweries. ~ Ashley

La Cocina/Old Town Artisans is a true Tucson gem tucked away in plain sight. Where else can you enjoy a delicious meal in a gorgeous courtyard, pick up some dope records, get an amazing tattoo, find a gently-used vintage jacket like the one you had in high school, learn the history behind the beautiful Native American-made necklace you just bought (You had to! It goes with the jacket!), and pick up some handmade pasta and fresh bread for dinner...It's like the adult version of your favorite mall hangout. ~ DJ Herm


What’s your favorite time of year here?

Monsoon season. The city is quiet, the monsoon shows are dramatic, and the sweet smell of creosote fills the air. It’s a special time seeing the desert so green and full of life. ~ Sarita

Late October/early November, just before winter kicks in. That "might need a hoodie tonight... might not" weather. ~ DJ Herm


What’s your favorite Tucson event?

Definitely the All Souls Procession. What a moving experience. Everyone should experience the peace and beauty of this event. ~ Erika

Soul Food Wednesdays. ~ Ashley