Farmers' Markets

Grab your shopping bag and stock up on fresh produce from the bountiful Tucson and Southern Arizona region.

Tucson Farmers Markets & Farms: Fresh Food Year-Round

Take A Trip to Bountiful in Scenic Southern Arizona

You can shop year-round for sustainably grown, locally sourced seasonal food at farmers markets in metro Tucson and at small farms and stands in southern Arizona. Both are great places to find Sonoran Desert delicacies like traditional heirloom crops (such as tepary beans), edible native plants (like prickly pear fruit), and regional artisan products (bread made with mesquite flour) in addition to familiar provisions like garlic, herbs, tomatoes, eggs, honey and more.

Special events highlight seasonal harvests, from vineyard blessings to corn maze tours and pumpkin pickings.

In Tucson and southern Arizona, the gardening calendar is year-round so fresh local produce is commonly grown and easily available.  Before venturing out to the markets or events, it's a good idea to call ahead and confirm operating days and hours. And remember to bring some cash and a few bags or boxes to carry your purchases.

Video: Heirloom Farmers Markets - Connecting Food & Community

Farms & Event Venues

If you want to pick your own or purchase farm-fresh fruits and veggies, take part in desert foods harvest or production events and site tours, or purchase packaged food directly from local growers, check out these farms and related venues in Tucson and southern Arizona:

Apple Annie’s Orchard & Farm

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Bean Tree Farm

BKW Farms

Desert Harvesters

Las Milpitas de Cottonwood

Mission Garden Project

San Xavier Co-op Farm

Tucson Village Farm


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