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Around Tucson


Surroundings That Surround You

Tucson and its surrounding areas are rich with a deep-rooted history and a culture grown from a landscape that can't be found anywhere else in the world, and it's easier to get here than you might think. Explore untouched corners of the vast Sonoran Desert. Look up to the sky and see a million twinkling stars. Get lost within the painted walls of historic barrios. Find freedom to roam from the depths of ancient caves to the tops of stunning mountain peaks. Experience colors, flavors, sights and sounds that you once could have only imagined. Venture off the beaten path and find out what it means to Free Yourself. 


Video: Get a feel for Tucson and Southern Arizona


Heritage & Culture

Travel Through Tucson's Rich History Arizona only became a state in 1912, and the region—formerly part of Mexico—wasn't even a U.S. territory until the 1840s... Read More

Things to Do

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