Wellness in Tucson

Tucson’s lush natural surroundings are where the idea of a "wellness getaway" was invented. There is no better place to feed your spirit and open your mind than in the world’s most biodiverse desert. Free yourself in the warm sunshine and quiet tranquility of Tucson.

Read on to start your journey through the award-winning destination spas, world-class resorts, outdoor escapes, and culinary delights of Tucson. 


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Destination: Wellness

Tucson's destination spas are synonymous with healthy living. Two world-renowned wellness brands were born here, and the healing powers of the Sonoran Desert transformed them from small independent resorts into household names.

Hyper-Local Healing

Tucson spas take advantage of the healing properties of their surroundings, using indigenous ingredients like copper, blue corn, and aloe to create one-of-a-kind spa treatments. Designed to help soothe your body, spirit, and mind. Available only here in Tucson.

Greater Outdoors

Hike through mind-blowing landscapes. Spot rare species of birds and other animals. Climb to scenic vistas to watch the sunset. Reset, reconnect, and find freedom in wide-open spaces. The great outdoors don't get much greater than this.

Eat and be Well

Tucson’s unique local ingredients have provided nourishment for thousands of years. So it's no mystery why Tucson was designated as the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the U.S.

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