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Edward Abbey once said, “Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.”

Tucson’s lush surroundings are where the idea of luxury health and wellness were invented.  There is no better place to feed your spirit and open your mind than with the unparalleled natural splendor of the world’s most biodiverse desert. Relax and recharge amid tranquil alpine mountains, healing desert air, and world-class spas. Free yourself in the open air and desert vistas of Tucson.

Read on to start your journey through the world-class, award-winning destination spas, outdoor escapes, and culinary delights of Tucson.

Transformative destination spas

Canyon Ranch and Miraval

Canyon Ranch and Miraval are synonymous with healthy living, and in Tucson, these getaways go beyond skin deep. These two world-renowned health and wellness brands started in Tucson, and the healing powers of the Sonoran Desert transformed them from small independent operators into household names with relaxation…

Only-here destination and resort spa treatments

Surroundings that surround you

Expand your horizons

Hiking in the Sonoran Desert energizes your body with trails that expand your horizons. Journey through breathtaking purple canyons and catch saguaros in their motionless ballet across the mountaintops. Or see the desert from horseback on a trail ride through one of the area’s picturesque ranches. Tucson is surrounded…

The urban core

Senses invigorated

Nestled in these surroundings is Tucson’s urban core, where modern experiences take you further. Stretch and drink at Pints and Poses, a yoga class held in local craft brewery Pueblo Vida. Get your adrenaline going with a climbing session at Rocks and Ropes or a Tucson Bike Tour. Or visit one of the many rejuvenating…

Feed your soul

Explore Tucson's culinary landscape

Like the surrounding mountain-scape, Tucson's culinary landscape is diverse and wide. Tucson is the country’s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy because of its rich culinary heritage that’s more than 4,000 years old. Browse through the city’s countless farmer’s markets, or sit down at one of downtown’s nationally…


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