Rocks, minerals, gems, fossils and asteroids abound in southern Arizona. Can you dig it?

A Mother Lode of Earthly Treasures

The wealth just under our feet has shaped the history of this area. One of the world's largest gem and mineral shows is held in Tucson every February, and a smaller version of the winter event is growing every year in October. And mining is a major portion of the economies of the southern Arizona region and of the entire state of Arizona. Dig deeper by perusing Mining Tours options in the Tucson area.

Bisbee was founded as a copper, gold, and silver mining town in 1880. A high-quality turquoise promoted as Bisbee Blue was a by-product of the copper mining.

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Video: The Queen of Bisbee

Mining Tours

From prospectors coming to strike it rich in the 1800s to the more modern mining practices of today, Southern Arizona is full of mining history. Take exciting and informative tours through a number of active and inactive mines, and experience the rich history of this area.

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