Tucson, Arizona, 2/14/2024 - Join us to celebrate artist ceramist Keita Tsutsumi with an open reception on Friday, February 23rd from 5:30pm to 7pm. Keita has been working in clay since 2007 and started dancing as a repertory member of Dancesequences Inc. in 2018. Since then, they have been enthralled with the possibilities and opportunities to begin combining these two passions in any and all ways.

His exhibit, “Yūgen: Dreams in Clay”, features a diverse array of ceramic artwork that are, according to the artist, "a check-in point" to questions like “What are we doing?”

And he found that "amid the vast beautiful universe, and even this vast planet, we are simply here. We are being hugged here between the landscapes below and beside us and the atmosphere above and against us. We are blooming with scapes inside us and the air that holds us. Forever between a land and a sky".

The reception will include light refreshments and a chance to discuss the exhibit with the artist. Art also available for purchase. No admission required, this event is free for the public.

“Yūgen: Dreams in Clay” will be available for your enjoyment from February 23rd through April 30th, 2024.