Group CSR/Voluntourism Experiences

Get More by Giving Back

What's the best souvenir you've ever taken home from a trip? Nothing against shot glasses or collectible spoons, but, for most of us, the best things we take home are memories. Think of "voluntourism" as the ultimate souvenir—memories, plus a story to tell, plus the satisfaction that comes with doing something to make the world a better place.

Maybe for your group or staff, it's helping maintain the Arizona Trail, which runs 800 miles from Mexico to Utah, one of the longest non-motorized trails in the country. Maybe it's helping fight poverty by pounding a few nails with Habitat for Humanity or helping customers in their resale store. Or maybe it's letting your inner artist playmaking ceramic wind chimes, necklaces, and more to help Tucson’s local non-profit Ben's Bells spread its message of kindness around the world. 

Connect with our featured nonprofits to see how your group or staff can help. All kinds of opportunities mean people of all ages and abilities can pitch in. They get a little of your time, you get the best souvenir ever, and everyone wins. 

Note: If you've coordinated a reunion, convention, or another event with our staff and would like to add a volunteering experience, please reach out to your Visit Tucson contact.

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Video: Intro to Ben's Bells