Build Your Business With Us. Visit Tucson partnership is the best way to expose your business to visitors.


Partnership Means Business

As a destination marketing organization, Visit Tucson essentially has two jobs:

Bring people to Tucson and Southern Arizona by letting them know what a great place it is to visit. We encourage them to take a leisure vacation, hold their convention, bring their sports teams, and travel with their tour groups to our beautiful area and experience all it has to offer.

Connect those visitors with great experiences: restaurants they'll enjoy, services that will make their meeting a hit, that one souvenir that will make their in-laws love them for all time.

If you run a local business or provide a service visitors might want, that second part is where you come in. Be our partner in delivering a great Tucson experience and we'll help you build your business.

How do we do that?

When we say build your business, we don't mean in some abstract way. In part, we do it with direct referrals like these:

  • You have a small art gallery or gift shop? We just had someone call about Southwestern art and we gave her your name.
  • Your B&B is on 10 acres of quiet desert land? Can we mention it in a proposal we're doing for a film producer?
  • You serve giant pizzas at a reasonable price? We're working with a coach bringing 26 young athletes who eat pizza by the ton.
  • Does your restaurant make its own salsa with your grandma's 120-year-old recipe? We got an email from a reporter doing a story on heritage food—she's calling you tomorrow.

And the list goes on. From filmmakers, to shopping tours from Mexico, event planners, sports teams, reporters, as well as individuals and families here for a good time, our job is to connect visitors to people like you.

What Else Do You Get?

As a partner with Visit Tucson, in addition to referrals like those above, you get:

  • A "mini web page" or listing on, which receives more than 1 million visitors annually--a place to share your story, contact info, photos, and three-minute video.
  • Local tourism intelligence and know-how through our research, bulletins, quarterly breakfast meetings, and "how-to" workshops.
  • Opportunities to participate in co-op ads and marketing, plus ways to elevate your presence with visitors, even more, delivering highly qualified leads.
  • Discover all the benefits that come with a Visit Tucson partnership.

What's Your Investment?

Annual dues start at just $400 —that’s about $33 a month for direct referrals and unprecedented exposure among the people who look to us to tell them what to see, do, and eat while here, and where to find the services they need.

Still not sure? Be our guest at one of our upcoming events, see what we're about.

Ready to Join? Want More Info?

Give us a call. Shoot us an email. Learn more at Join Visit Tucson. We can tell you more about how we work and what you can realistically expect from your partnership, then you decide if it's right for you! Contact Meredith Lipscomb, CTA, Partnership Development Director 520-770-2170,


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