Fourth Avenue District

Looking for somewhere funky, weird, artsy, delicious, loud, crazy and colorful? You've come to the right place.


Proud to Be A Little Out There

Affectionately known to locals as "Fourth", this area was hip back when most hipsters we know were still in diapers. Find local artisans and boutiques offering curated selections of vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, artwork, antiques, handcrafted and imported wares, hard-to-find books and anything else you might want to go digging for. Tucson's notable Food Conspiracy Co-Op, which has been selling organic, bulk, and locally produced food and more since 1971, exists alongside a swath of cafés, restaurants, thrift shops, bookstores, and tattoo parlors. Some of the cities best-loved eateries proudly call Fourth home, from old-school Mexican spots and classic pizza joints to gluttonous burger joints and straight-forward sandwich shops – this area has a flavor all its own.

One of this area's greatest offerings is the legendary Fourth Avenue Street Fair, held in spring and winter every year.  The fair is a 50-year-old, family-friendly shopping and entertainment tradition that includes artists from around the country, carnival food, local entertainment, and lots to see and do.

A free shuttle service provided by VIP Taxi transports festival-goers from the Pennington Street Garage and the Tyndall Avenue Garage. Those who park near the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar line can use this public transportation. 

Video: Historic Fourth Avenue

And when the sun goes down that's when the Fourth really heats up. Residing right between the raucous University of Arizona area and bustling Downtown, this bar-topia keeps the candle burning at both ends pretty much every night. Find cool, intimate places to lounge and catch a drink, insane dance parties with killer DJs, and one of the hottest college bars in town.

Historic Fourth Avenue is a side of Tucson that you'll want to experience. Most Tucsonans have their own story set on the "Ave." Now, it's time to write yours.



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